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What is CPQ?

What is CPQ?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions provide functionality to provision intricate sales transactions. CPQ systems enable sales teams to customize and configure a solution for a customer from different product sets, options or piece parts. CPQ is driven by business rules and conditions, supported by a proposal management system and augmented by approval workflow systems.

What are the CPQ Challenges?

Most of the companies have their own distinctive methods for handling their configure-price-quote steps. Nevertheless, they still face the same challenges along the way.

  • Inconsistency
  • Lack of prioritization
  • Insufficient product information
  • Complex pricing and quoting procedures
  • Lack of visibility
Why Do You Need Sterling CPQ?

If your answer is yes to one or more question, then you need a CPQ solution.

  • Our present configurations and pricing rules are spread across multiple documents and finding them is slowing your sales team down.
  • Our sales team submit orders with unacceptable configurations or incompatible products; improving these errors is expensive.
  • Orders are submitted with inappropriate pricing for a particular configuration .
  • Our Sales team often submit orders using expired and discontinued promotions or products.
  • The process of rolling out a new promotion is time-consuming, extremely complex, and prone-to-error.
  • Our product configurations / bundles are so complex, we cannot allow customers to order products over the web.
What’s New in Sterling Configure, Price, and Quote?
  • Automates and simplifies the complex online selling process by helping customers to easily select, configure, and quote the products, thus making order process faster and reliable.
  • Centralizes pricing process for products and services, i.e. easy to establish, change and communicate the pricing.
  • Systemizing workflows of quoting process to create, manage, and negotiating the sales quotations.
  • Advanced integration capabilities, enabling the solution to co-exist and augment your ERP system.
  • Business intelligence that enhances decision-making throughout the process with embedded analytics.
CPQ Tools used
  • Product Configurator - It systematizes the configuration of challenging services across all your sales channels
  • Price Management Module - Enables centralized creation, changing and communication of product pricing data.
  • Product Catalog - A Catalog that allows you to deliver product information across all demand channels.
  • Quote Management Workflow - Enables you to automate the quote approval process and provides visibility into the entire quote workflow.
  • Integration Capabilities - Integrates and enhances the functionality of your present ERP system.
  • Business Intelligence - Contains embedded analytics that enable real-time decision making.
How you will be benefited?
  • It helps reducing costs and increases revenue by optimizing channel selling.
  • It Improves process efficiency and reduces chances of error in order fulfilment by streamlining the selling process.
  • Efficient and enhanced management of service operations and products results in high business profits and market capturing.
  • Leverage customers with smooth and flawless ordering and pricing system, thus increases customer satisfaction.
  • In addition, it helps your sales organization manage leads, customer profiles and contracts, quickly establish and enforce complex pricing strategies, and deliver accurate and professional quotes.
  • It provides a best-in-class approach to this very important aspect of the sales process while allowing enough flexibility to configure the software to your specific business needs.
Why Royal Cyber?

Why Royal Cyber?

  • We at Royal Cyber have an enduring unique process, we invest our combined skill where we could help you transition.
  • Engage our CPQ consultants to implement IBM Sterling CPQ at your enterprise cost effectively.
  • Using our unique agile methodology we can leverages onsite or off shore support model to arrive at the right sourcing model for different projects.
  • Building long term relationships with our clients is something we believe in and we go to great extents to ensure our valuable clients get first rate service.
  • The journey starts with our organization having a full spectrum of interactions and a magnificent environment to tail both the ends.

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