Build Event-Driven Digital Enterprise Using Solace & MuleSoft


Most companies embarking on digital transformation initiatives have plans for data management, data storage, and data analytics. However, they miss out on one key driver which could be the difference between a successful enterprise and an unsuccessful one. These drivers are real-time event information generated out of your business, thus making them the lifeblood of leading enterprises.

Now if events are the lifeblood of leading enterprises, event-driven architecture is the circulatory system.

Royal Cyber team demonstrates how real-time event-driven solutions can propel your digital journey into the future.

Discussion Topics:

What is event-driven architecture?
What is Solace PubSub+?
The key features of Solace PubSub+ Event Broker
Introduction to MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
API Led Connectivity
Processing real-time events using Solace PubSub+ and MuleSoft
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