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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management or IAM is a term used for addressing the issues relating to the management of User Identities and their Access levels in an enterprise.

The growing enterprise world today burdens its users with the use of different Operating Systems and multiple Applications to complete its day to day activities. Even though these systems facilitate and automate most of the work, the user has to remember multiple sets of usernames and passwords in order to use them. A study done by IBM shows that there can be as many as 12 different accounts on average for a single user to perform his activities in an enterprise.

Not only does the user bear the burden of remembering the accounts information, there are other teams who are burdened with managing those identities and access levels. The Administrators who have to create them and the Help Desk teams who got to attend the calls from users who often forgot their password or complain about their access privileges. Another study at IBM shows that Help Desk Support of enterprises that are facing the problems of Identity Management receives as many as 70 calls a day for password related problems only. The entire troublesome life cycle of Enterprise Identity Management affects people working in different domains – the Users, Administrators and Help Desk/Support Team. This in turn keeps the Users not completing their work on time while the Administrators and Help Desk are often over burdened with the enormous amount of work load.

An Identity and Access Management Solution therefore can help all these Teams to work efficiently and on time. Royal Cyber Consultants acknowledge the importance of Identity and Access Management Solutions and recommends Tivoli Identity and Access Management Solution for its prestigious clientele.

Benefits of Tivoli Identity and Access Management

  • Improved User management from a single web console for all Operating Systems and Applications.
  • A simplified user portal to change password across all accounts, request access privileges, change account information, delegate responsibilities.
  • A hierarchical user management to provide efficient user and access provisioning with improved approval process.
  • Strong encryption policies help secure the integrated portals.