ServiceNow Customer Service Management Beyond Traditional Solutions

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer

In today's world, customer service is all about providing services to customers before, during, and after purchasing a product or service. Customer Service is one of the significant impacts on our business. Better the customer services, better the business. The first rule of every business is to hold on to the existing customers and build a loyal relationship with them. Nowadays, many companies face a huge loss because of bad customer service, which sometimes brings down the company.

Getting a first response time and increasing the first contact resolution rate are just the small benefits you can get using ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM). Actually, a ServiceNow CSM solution can help you go further by improving your interdepartmental collaboration on solving customer issues and adopt a proactive customer service to increase your customer satisfaction ranking and retention rates.

Customer Service Challenges

  • Locate the root cause of the issue

  • Disconnected communication channels

  • Lack of transparency and time consuming

  • Lesser options for the user to resolve the problems by themselves

  • The same issue -multiple occurrences leads to support failure

  • Lack of consistent Customer experience

ServiceNow has introduced a very powerful module known as Customer Service Management (CSM) to overcome these issues. The goal of the Customer Service Management (CSM) application is to connect you, the customer service agent, with other teams to resolve issues quickly and proactively. By implementing this module, the client improves its customer service problem and provides each user self-portal access to track the case life cycle from creation to closure.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management gives customers a portal that delivers an effortless self-service experience. Our method connects people, workflow, and ways to engage across departments in resolution and case management. This solution improves efficiency in automation and gives the agents visibility into the customer systems, and tools for carrying out the root cause analyses to deliver proactive services.

The result is customer service that is,

  • Effortless: Automate, Integrate and Personalize Self Service
  • Connected: Assign and Resolve Issues
  • Proactive: Monitor, Measure, and Prevent Issues

Customer service needs more than what usual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems deliver. To give high-quality service and succeed, organizations must offer an effortless experience by connecting customer service to the other parts of the organization to work together to identify, fix, and even avoid issues.

An innovative approach is looked-for. For example, the current customer service organization works with teams across its business to fix problems for various customers at once instead of addressing issues one at a time. As a result, they respond faster to customer worries with real-time solutions. Moreover, they move beyond day-to-day demands to deliver proactive strategies that drive real business improvement and growth. ServiceNow Quebec release can prepare your organization with the latest updates and configurations.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is Different

  • It provides your customers a portal that delivers an effortless self-service experience.
  • Its approach connects people, workflow, and processes to engage across departments in case management and resolution.
  • It improves efficiency with automation, giving agents visibility into customer systems' health and tools for performing root cause analyses to provide proactive service. The result is customer service that is easy, connected, and proactive.

One module has many solutions, and your business starts flying if you have better customer care services. Every company's goal is to increase its customer base. Of course, this comes with the great pressure of providing best in class customer experience (CX). And with growing customers, it's not possible to increase the customer service team size. Nowadays, customers want to resolve the issues by themselves before reaching out to the agent. This is a blessing in disguise for the service provider, and CSM is that blessing.

ServiceNow CSM provides a platform where all the interactions with the end-user can be tracked and managed. This is done with the help of out-of-the-box workflows and tools that come with CSM. Far-reach management of the customer experience through all the channels of interactions is the sole purpose of the CSM. It provides automation of everyday activities for ease of customer experience. For example, rather than working in Silos, it connects different departments' systems to resolve customer queries.

ServiceNow CSM can deliver services effortlessly, with more connectivity, and proactively, resulting in improved customer satisfaction at reduced case volumes and costs. In addition, offering agility in the inter-connectivity of customer service departments with other business department and teams help businesses to provide quick and proactive resolutions.

Why Should We Change?

  • Without any integration, combine the power of other ServiceNow applications
  • Access to information sources like KB and community
  • Separate Case management from Incident management
  • View Cases, assets, manage users from the portal with a click of a button
  • Reach out to the specific internal and external customers through targeted communication
  • Assign tasks to the service engineer effectively through assignment workbench

What Comes with It?

  • Agent Workspace

  • Case Management

  • Visual Workflow and Automation

  • Engagement Manager

  • Reports and Dashboard and many more

Complex customer matters must be resolved quickly and professionally by enhancing customer engagement through a virtual agent. This will increase a satisfactory increase in customer satisfaction while decreasing the cost.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) documents and tracks the case lifecycle, from concept to closure. CSM Resolve complex issues end-to-end. Proactively fix problems and drive action to solve common requests more quickly and efficiently. Automate your Business Workflows with ServiceNow by integrating systems to achieve greater agility, and make quick decisions.

New in the Orlando Release

Proactive Customer Service Operations

  • Proactive case flows
  • Service health status
  • Priority of cases
  • Proactive cases
  • Outage tracking for Customer Service Management
  • Proactive Customer Service Operations dashboard

Case Management

  • Case Types
  • Customer Project Management
  • Case entitlement derivation
  • External user approval for change and request records

CSM Agent Workspace

  • Ribbon configuration
  • Response templates
  • Agent Assist
  • Highlight list fields
  • Interaction form related lists

Service-Aware Install Base

  • Contracts and entitlements for install base
  • Install base in Agent Workspace

Changed in this Release

CSM Agent Workspace

  • Record time worked on cases
  • Verify client scripts
  • Customer account escalation
  • Timeline enhancements to view case activities summaries

Case Management

  • Creating an incident from an instance
  • Expiring special handling notes
  • Updates on case-related data and case statuses can be viewed by customer service agents and external customers

Evolving Customer Support

When ServiceNow Customer Service Management is combined with ServiceNow IT Operations Management, businesses may provide proactive customer support by resolving issues before consumers report them. Companies can benefit from seamless cross-departmental communication when using ServiceNow IT Service Management to address challenging client situations quickly. When ServiceNow Customer Service Management is combined with IT Business Management, firms can reduce operating expenses while adapting to customer input and demands. You can also redefine your support with AI Powered ServiceNow Virtual Agent Chatbot.

Delivering excellent customer experiences begins with the right technology in place, which supports consumers across their preferred channels while also connecting front, middle, and back-office operations. The same technology that kept businesses on top of their game during the pandemic will now pave the way for a new era of connected customer experiences. Drive customer success with agile delivery of projects, click here to read more.

With Customer Service Management from ServiceNow, you can uplift your customer service from resolution requests. Learn how our Royal Cyber CSM Experts deliver proactive service by forecasting customer trends to our customers. Register for this exclusive Webinar on Customer Service Management. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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