Transform your Troubleshooting Journey with ServiceNow Lightstep

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For businesses in the twenty-first century, digital transformation is essential. Organizations are increasingly focusing their efforts on technology that offer quick results and more durable digital business models. Incidents like software problems, power outages, or broken networks have serious repercussions in this environment that damage revenue and client loyalty. That's why the ServiceNow team is excited to declare Lightstep Notebooks, a newly introduced feature in Lightstep Observability. Lightstep Notebooks, which are now accessible, enable quicker, more team-based, and more precise troubleshooting.

Bringing Together Several Data Sources

Site reliability engineering (SRE) teams are essential to company resilience now more than ever. Improved revenues and profits are cited by more than one-third (36.3%) of SRE businesses as a major indicator of their teams' performance, according to IDC's 2022 SRE Survey, Improved customer experience is listed as an SRE success metric by the same percentage of SRE organizations.

The same SREs and developers become stuck debugging production events to identify underlying causes far too frequently. The complexity of the path to resolution for SREs and developers using various tools, data sources, and even time zones is increased. Lightstep Notebooks enables unified, thorough analysis across applications and infrastructure by linking various sources of data. It enables programmers to evaluate data using potent visuals while building an organized picture of the course of the research and the way to a solution. Additionally, Lightstep Notebooks addresses & empowers developers and SREs to proactively prevent recurrence and manage problems, ensuring a dependable experience for end users.

Representing a Unified View

Any developer, operator, or SRE can use Lightstep Notebooks to quickly comprehend changes to the infrastructure and health of their service by leveraging Change Intelligence (Lightstep's analysis engine). This is crucial whether looking into an issue, working across teams, or swiftly recording lessons to spread around the company. Key capabilities include:

Lightstep Notebooks provides granular context-specific data and makes it easier to collaborate to solve problems in real-time, addressing the demands that occur along the team's troubleshooting journey. By providing a single, consistent view of the telemetry data, helps the Lightstep notebook user & the team deliver a better customer experience while saving time and money.

Making Real-Time Information Actionable

In order to strengthen and advance the position as the top enterprise platform for digital organizations, ServiceNow purchased Lightstep in 2021. ServiceNow assists developers and SREs in creating, deploying, running, and monitoring cutting-edge, cloud-native apps with the aid of Lightstep, an upcoming pioneer in next-generation application monitoring and observability.

Through digital workflows that translate real-time insights into action for the technologies, people, and processes that allow digital business, ServiceNow and Lightstep will continue to broaden the benefits of observability across the company.

Following the recent launch of Lightstep Incident Response, we now offer Lightstep Notebooks. Together, Lightstep Notebooks and Lightstep Incident Response offer a complete toolkit that makes troubleshooting easier and quicker. Lightstep's products reduce mean time to recovery and boost customer satisfaction by getting rid of expensive and perplexing context shifts. You may be interested in reading the whitepaper on Challenges & Keys to Succeed in Strategic Portfolio Management.


The ability to do ad hoc analysis of the data is streamlined and made easier using Notebooks. Analysis in its proper context speeds up proactive performance enhancements and decreases mean time to resolution. The user may now rapidly determine the size of the issue by searching upstream and downstream with the help of data generated by the tracing without interrupting the line of inquiry. The user may quickly see supporting information for a correlation from a Notebook (or Dashboard display) and comprehend how the SLIs have varied for each correlation, allowing them to discuss and communicate across teams. Lightstep equips teams to quickly comprehend changes in service health and, more importantly, what caused those changes by allowing them to observe which system components are connected and how they are related in context.

How Royal Cyber Can Assist

The experts at Royal Cyber can help you put Lightstep Notebooks into place so that DevOps and SRE teams may do ad-hoc queries while looking into an incident or proactively improving their application. Any developer, operator, or SRE can use notebooks that employ Change Intelligence to rapidly understand changes in the health of their service and, more importantly, what caused those changes. Our team is well-versed in the hurdles and has the necessary business expertise to offer direction at every stage of the procedure. For additional information, email us at [email protected] or visit

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