Features and Benefits of IBM Sterling’s Latest OMS Version 10.0

Written by Luqman Khanzada

Java Developer OMS

IBM Sterling Order Management System is software that resolves complex B2C and B2B order management and fulfillment challenges to empower businesses to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations. With this intelligent and robust solution, businesses can ensure that the right inventory is available when the customers want – no matter what channel they use to place the order.

IBM Sterling OMS also provides complementary capabilities such as IBM Sterling Store Engagement, IBM Sterling Call Center, IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with Watson, and IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility to streamline order management and optimize costs. With the latest release, IBM Sterling OMS Version 10.0 offers exciting new features and has significantly improved processes.

Updated Features of IBM Sterling OMS V10.0

  • Integration with IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility: In version 10.0, IBM Sterling OMS has introduced phase 2 of integration with IBM Sterling Inventory visibility. This latest update allows the supply, demand, and reservation data to be stored and updated directly in Sterling Inventory visibility, making it the master of inventory and reservations.
  • Deployment on Red Hat OpenShift Container: IBM Sterling OMS can now be configured and deployed on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform clusters, an enterprise-level Kubernetes container with many built-in tools that provide speed, agility, and cut costs.
  • Deployment on IBM Cloud Private: The updated version fully supports the installation, deployment, and operation of IBM Cloud Private. It Is easy to use used and does not require advanced skills to install and deploy containerized environments resulting in the swift deployment of IBM Sterling OMS Software.
  • Support for Docker-mode Installation and Deployment: Version 10.0 now supports the docker-mode installation, which helps users set up runtime for initiating Docker images. In addition, a complete set of instructions is available to assist users in deploying their solution on Docker containers. It also provides a Docker-based integrated developer toolkit to set up environments to develop extensions.
  • Integration with Watson Order Optimizer: Integrating IBM OMS V10.0 with other IBM applications, such as IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer through Watson Order Optimizer is now possible. Universal Behavior Exchange enables this integration, which facilitates sending order purchases and ship nodes to other subscribed applications.
  • Sourcing Audit: IBM Sterling OMS now provides the capability of setting up sourcing audits providing vital audit data about the effectiveness of sourcing and scheduling. The developers can analyze it later to improve the sourcing and scheduling rules.
  • Order Orchestration: It supports order orchestration of complex orders having dependencies between them, such as the orders in telecom industries where they provide three different services - Landlines, Internet, and Wireless. These orders have dependencies between them as the Internet service is interrupted if the landline is not set up.
  • BOPIS Capability: Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) service is crucial for business in this modern era of eCommerce. It can boost sales, provide customer satisfaction, and optimize inventory, resulting in lower return orders. With the BOPIS deployment accelerator in IBM Sterling OMS V10.0, organizations can quickly provide BOPIS service to their customers.

Changes in IBM Sterling OMS V10.0

  • TLS 1.2 Support: V10.0 only supports TLS 1.2 or higher protocols to provide secure communication in sync with the industry's leading practices. The previous version of IBM Sterling OMS used TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 is now removed due to security and data integrity concerns. Therefore, all the external integrations should be reconfigured to TLS 1.2 after upgrading to IBM Sterling OMS V10.0.
  • Masking Personal Identifiable Information: It is possible to mask sensitive information in logs by hiding different attributes such as email addresses and customer ids in input and output XML files. This makes it much more challenging to trace sensitive data and ensures better security.
  • Getting Inventory Visibility: The inventory visibility can now be fetched directly from Sterling Inventory Visibility by implementing the OMPGetInventoryFromCacheUE user exit.
  • Improvements in Custom Attributes: In IBM Sterling OMS V10.0, the custom attributes functionality is further improved and can fetch attribute characteristics of any order and order line by including the custom attributes in the output of getOrderDetails and getCompleteOrderDetails APIs.
  • Advanced Scheduling: It is possible to use advanced scheduling to trigger agents at any specific time of the day, week, or month by enhancing the interface of the Applications Manager called Agent Criteria Details.
  • Improved Logging: The logging specifications for the agent or integration server in IBM Sterling OMS V10.0 are improved to avoid duplicate logging. Trace level information is now included in the output template of getServerList and getServerDetails APIs.

Royal Cyber’s IBM Sterling OMS Solutions

Implementing IBM Sterling OMS offers tools and eCommerce features that ensure seamless order management and drive revenue growth. In addition, it enables B2C and B2B businesses to provide omnichannel services and power customer experiences.

Royal Cyber is an IBM Business Partner offering implementation assistance for IBM Sterling OMS solutions. Our team of certified professionals performs key implementation activities such as customizing and configuring business process flows, testing and deployment, upgrade deployment, and service launch. Connect with our certified IBM Sterling experts to know more on how we can help you.

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