HCL Commerce v9 to Match the Evolving Customer Demands

Written by Muhammad Nauman Sohail

Business Analyst

The Need to Penetrate Customer Intentions

With the advancement in media and technology and ease of accessibility granted by the internet, it has become essential to evaluate and understand your customer’s intentions to reap profits. Customers switch real quick to a different platform if they are not satisfied with the existing one. This means that if an e-commerce site plans to retain its customers, it must dig deep and precisely understand customer requirements.

For The Best Digital User Experience

One of the most promising factors that can help ecommerce sites retain their customers is their user service. To provide such a user experience, we need to break up customer intentions into small chunks that could be easily accessed. These chunks then offer more "customization" in a standardized way. The mapping of "human behavior" is the crux of this. However, data mining and analysis have produced tools and techniques that can easily track and map out behaviors in the retail sector.

After analyzing all this, the fundamental technique that makes a difference is to conjoin the customer's context with the product/service category. And this is a great weapon that can earn a competitive edge over the others. The essence is to "provide the right product at the right time and in the right place."

HCL Commerce is a customizable ecommerce platform that is high on availability and is saleable. The software itself has the ability to carry out hundreds and thousands of transactions each day. It smoothens out operations in B2B and B2C process. It has qualities and capabilities that enable merchants to provide one of the best user experiences by creating marketing campaigns and promotions and managing sales and other channels.

Digital Age

Ecommerce is no longer limited to displaying and selling products online. It has been extended to a “smarter” shopping experience by integrating customer touchpoints relevant and precise. Hence, using high-quality software like HCL Commerce ensures better management and maintenance. Operating on a cross-channel strategy, this cloud-based software not only helps in marketing and promotion but also a big value add when it comes to cataloging, merchandising, and channel management, providing solutions to all the problems a merchant has.

In this digital age, where interactions between humans and computers are taking the lead, it is essential to improve your search to direct customers, even during the initial stage of purchase. This means to directly gather their requirements for the required solution. Cloud-based services and HCL Commerce software help in managing high-quality product marketing and customer management through their tools and streamlined processes.

What is new in HCL Commerce v9?

Being the award winner for the BEST innovation in Natural Language Processing (NLP) at Alocnics Award in AI Summit (London), the platform has disruptive capacities.

  • Support for new integrations and companion software.

  • ElasticSearch-based search solution

  • Modernized business user tooling.

  • React-based store solution

  • Cloud-native

Integrating HCL Commerce into a business means getting an indepth understanding of behavioral insights in real-time.

1. The first thing that can be done is to remove the search with ‘no results’, improving your ‘search’ technique and algorithms. As a digital merchant, it is essential to provide users the best search experiences. And this can be achieved by using the latest software - Natural language Processing (NLP). This program is used because:

2. HCL Software is designed to match the out of context speech and in in doing so – it reduces noise. It can use this understanding of speech to predict the subject of the phrase given by customers search.

  • Content Management enabled search is another thing that can be deployed. You need to provide highly relevant search results your customers want - no rules, no training. HCL Commerce’s Content Management capabilities are deeply ingrained into search mechanisms. Merchants create editorials that are related to the customers, which then inspire the customers. To do so, a Web Content Management system (CMS) can be used. It helps to manage content in a way that increases the likelihood of a purchase occurring. In this technique, merchants project content that inspires the customer and helps their decision-making depending upon their purchasing power.
  • The algorithm adds convenience, saves time, and helps to better understand the customers' intention.

Know the new features of version 9.1.4

What is New in HCL Commerce v9.1.4?

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In this digital age, it is becoming more and more essential to precisely understand what your customers want to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention ratio. This can only be achieved by understanding customer's intentions, integrating a good tool like HCL Commerce, and providing them what they want.

Learn more about the main features of HCL Commerce v9.1 and also about Royal Cyber’s v9 Fast-Track Migration Package.

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