What is New in HCL Commerce v9.1.4?

Written by Jeethu Augustine

Technical Content Writer

Adapting to the post-pandemic shift in customer requirements, all ecommerce platforms are scaling up their features to help businesses successfully improve their offerings and boost sales. The new features and enhancements of HCL Commerce v9.1.4 will help to exceed customer demands by supporting your business tackle and prioritize the need of the hour - enhanced and personalized customer experience.

In our previous blog on HCL Commerce v9.1.4: A Sneak Peek, we provided a sneak peek into what could be the new features of the version. Here, we have added more information about the new features and additions.

HCL Cache

The capabilities of DynaCache are extended with additional operational and monitoring support, and this is by adding remote centralized caching with Redis. In HCL Commerce v9.1, all provided caches are configured by default to use the HCL Cache provider.

HCL Cache can work in local mode as well as with remote caching. Remote caching enhances performance by enabling the use of a large in-memory cache and is not dependent on the size of the containers. This would improve the scalability and reliability by allowing the sharing of cached data across containers. Integration with the metrics framework is also possible and this would allow real-time monitoring and alerting of caching activity.

Natural Language Processing

HCL Commerce uses the Stanford CoreNLP Natural Language Processor, which has the CoreNLP toolkit providing multilingual support, full grammatical parsing, and extensibility. HCL Commerce Search provides a range filter, units of measure, and colors.

With the new HCL Commerce Search Query service, a customer searching for a product within a particular price range ‘ red dress under 300’ or ‘ white bag between 50 and 100’ would receive more specific products listed rather than something that is of significance.


The CoreNLP system has two kinds of Matchmakers - Color Matchmaker and Measurement Matchmaker.

Color Matchmaker:

Without just restricting to the particular color, the Color Matchmaker lets you search within the particular color families.

Measurement Matchmaker:

The Measurement Matchmaker returns search results for any measurement, be it in minutes or hours, inches or centimeters. For example, a search for ‘laptop with 3 hours battery life’ or ‘laptop with 180 minutes battery life’ would both fetch the same results.

Enhanced Hero Product Image

v9.1.4 with its improved Hero Product Image functionalities supports keyword search, category browsing, also promoting representative SKUs in store pages and displays indexed price ranges for products in category pages.

Management Center Tools

There are a few new enhancements in the Management Center

  • An Analytics tool has been introduced in the CMC
  • Access and manage message types and transports from the Management Center
  • Improved B2B user management experience
  • Create and assign shipping codes to specific categories and products

HCL Digital Experience Integration

Integrating HCL Commerce with HCL Digital Experience, which is a fully-featured, multi-platform enterprise content management solution, would help in managing the vast digital content and making most significant business decisions.

HCL Unica Discover Integration

HCL Unica Discover records customer navigation through your web pages and how they interact with store pages. The behavioral insights about your users would help you to create positive customer experiences.

Google Analytics Integration

Starting with v9.1.4, HCL Commerce is integrated with Google Analytics by default, providing a deeper understanding of how the customers are engaging with your store content and how they interact with store pages. Google Analytics helps improve customer experience and ensures better results.

React Store Application that Integrate with HCL Digital Experience

The Store SDK, B2C (EmeraldPlus) Reference Store application, and a B2B (SapphirePlus) Reference Store application are designed to use digital assets from the integrated HCL Digital Experience application.

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