Why Does your HCL Commerce Need Google Cloud?

Written by Saipranay Danturti

Technical Content Writer
“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.”

E-commerce is just not about selling products online. It’s about delivering a better shopping experience that is seamless across all touchpoints and provides a more personalized experience across various business channels. But eventually, it is about doing more to leverage the power of your brand and present its value consistently to your customers and HCL Commerce provides just that, a powerful customer interaction platform for omnichannel commerce.

Although HCL Commerce meets its brief and more, just because something works, doesn't mean it cannot be improved. New competitors and changes in consumer behavior are constant. How do you keep reinventing? This is where Google Cloud steps in to give you that competitive edge... Google Cloud helps businesses expand their offerings, gain more flexibility, and have a strategic advantage over other companies by offering over 90 products.

E-commerce is all about building an optimal customer experience! And this is where Google Cloud plays a pivotal role. Trying to build a cloud management platform on your own is a lot of work, and GCP has taken up a lot of the design, plan, and tooling workload to make your life a little easier.

And let’s not forget HCL Commerce themselves have awarded the title “Most preferred cloud partner” to Google Cloud. Let us walk you through a use case to help you better understand why this collaboration is so powerful!

How Google Cloud Reinvented E-commerce with the HCL Commerce Partnership

A Netherlands-based retail company had issues with scalability. They wanted to reuse their existing front-end design and concepts, wanted faster migration, needed better insights, and wanted easy integration around their platform while using HCL Commerce 9.

How do you overcome these challenges? While everybody in the company brainstormed, there was one guy, as always, with that "EUREKA!" moment, and there was the answer: Deploy HCL Commerce on Google Cloud.

There are several steps when it comes to harnessing the power of these very advanced platforms. We have highlighted the key points of Google Cloud’s native solution that was used by this retail company.

Google Cloud’s Native Solution:

  • SSL: With the help of the External load balancer (SSL), the company was able to create an external point for customers.
  • CDN: With Google Cloud's Cloud CDN(Cache), they built a more efficient cache for the hosting and caching of static items.
  • Cloud DNS: With the help of Cloud DNS from Google Cloud, they could create non-commercial subdomains.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine: GKE helped to deploy Compute Engine instances to group together and form a cluster.
  • IaaS: They then computed engine IaaS for database.
  • Container Registry: The next step was to build a container registry for storing commerce dockers.
  • Google Storage: With Google Cloud Storage, they were able to ensure safe storage for their database backup.
  • Google Filestore: Google Cloud's Filestore was found to be the perfect fit for a shared file system across clusters.
  • Stackdriver: As one of the leading monitoring tools on the cloud, Stackdriver was utilized to ensure effective core layer monitoring.

This solution has helped the retailer and many more businesses have a more scalable, secure, and elastic infrastructure while checking the cloud ROI. To explore how HCL Commerce reaches it’s fullest potential with Google Cloud, do read our blog.

How Can Royal Cyber Help?

When it comes to harnessing these two platforms, you need experts who can understand the ins and outs of the problems you face and help you and your company on your path to achieving that sought-after "EUREKA" moment. This is where Royal Cyber can help. Learn more about Royal Cyber’s script for handling the deployment of HCL Commerce on Google Cloud here.

We at Royal Cyber have worked with multiple enterprises, helping them get the edge over their competitors. We have successfully completed over a couple of HCL and GCP migration projects and have many such projects to our credit! Connect with us and let us discuss possible synergies and collaboration opportunities around HCL Commerce and Google Cloud. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com.

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