HCL-GCP Partnership: Leverage Royal Cyber’s GCP Implementation Capabilities

Written by Jeethu Augustine

Technical Content Writer

During the initial months after HCL acquired WCS, there were many speculations and predictions on HCL’s plan for Commerce, until HCL made the what-to-expect announcement, sharing with everyone a clear roadmap. And in the following months, with the support extension for V7 and V9.1 release expected on June 24, HCL is making clear efforts to accelerate Commerce. Now we have another big news - HCL’s partnership extension with Google Cloud Platform. And this decision to bring HCL’s software offerings to Google Cloud Platform would start with HCL Commerce. This has made GCP the preferred cloud platform for HCL Commerce, an opportunity for any customer who wants to move to the cloud. But it is still giving customers the option to continue on any platform they are already using, Azure, Amazon, OpenShift or any cloud provider, or on-premise.

This would allow HCL Commerce customers to leverage the world-class cloud offerings of Google. With HCL channeling their strategies to help businesses provide better user experience, the partnership would reassert HCL’s efforts to help businesses develop positive, data-driven customer experiences online, taking advantage of Google Cloud’s AI and ML capabilities.

With the multi-layered security infrastructure of Google, customers can be rest assured about data security. But the users would still have questions about the terms that govern the data in cloud deployments, for which both Google and HCL assure that Google has no ownership of the data within these deployments.

Along with its plans for an innovative storefront model and Intelligent Search, HCL had announced, as part of its development plan, multi-cloud readiness, which would now be possible with Google Anthos. HCL would take advantage of Anthos to support multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments of HCL Commerce.

Royal Cyber considers this as an opportunity to display its GCP Implementation capabilities, to HCL Commerce customers or for anyone intending to be one

GCP Implementation Challenges Royal Cyber GCP Script
  • Setting up jump server for all environments
  • Connectivity issue b/w from container to DB machine
  • Connectivity issue from specific container to pods
  • Jenkins agent configuration and connectivity
  • Issue deploying Static Vault Cluster
  • Exposing Commerce specific web services
  • TERRAFORM Script is used to spin up the GKE Cluster as per the requirements
  • Setting up Compute Engine Instance using Terraform
  • Shell/Bash Script is used to load images, tagging, pushing to the repo, deploying Nginx, commerce modules and vault with the help of helm
  • Jenkins CI/CD pipeline files

Advantages of using Royal Cyber Script

1. Implementation time reduced from 2 days to 4 hours

2. Consistent performance

3. Reduced probability of errors

To know more about Royal Cyber’s GCP Implementation capabilities, email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com

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