Innovative Workflows with ServiceNow Service Portal

Written by Rajesh Paila

Senior Software Engineer

Discovering the ServiceNow Portal

The ServiceNow Portal enables a modular user interface framework for a quick and easy-to-build application portal and platform dashboard. In addition, it offers engaging solutions to the technical developers and non-technical administrator solutions for a better user experience that drives employee adoption in enterprise applications.

Why Should Your Business Use the Service Portal?

Service Portal is an excellent tool for helping to manage human resources at a large enterprise. However, in order to carry out an easy task, like enrolling in employee benefits, the direct solution would be for your employee to key in their data into your enterprise’s ServiceNow instance themselves. This might be an ideal solution for a ServiceNow specialist but allowing every employee to enter their data would be an administrative nightmare. Something could easily go wrong, and most of the employees would not know how to solve the issue or support the employee who made a request.

How to Use ServiceNow Portal?

The ServiceNow Portal is a UI-inclusive platform that consists of a visual layer to aid comprehensive configuration. The ServiceNow Portal configuration page is a unique, intuitive way that monitors all the portal components and their inter-dependent functionality. In addition, the configuration page benefits us of a real-time preview while configuring the portal settings. The tiles on the configuration homepage can assemble different portal components.

If you choose the platform layout for configuring ServiceNow Portal, you can create portal components within the platform UI itself. These two options are inseparable. Everything started in the ServiceNow Portal configuration page also appears in a table in the platform UI.

The Right Audience for the ServiceNow Portal

Several different kinds of users can configure a portal.

  • Limited coding: They designed the ServiceNow Portal to set up a portal even with limited coding ability or knowledge of the platform UI.
  • ServiceNow Experts:Users who understand the ServiceNow platform can create portals, set up URL redirects, and view all the portal components in a tabular form. Most portal configurations are built on the ServiceNow Portal configuration page only. However, in specific circumstances, ServiceNow Portal administrators may require additional design directly within the ServiceNow platform.
  • Developers: Custom-made personalization’s and new widget creation are the developer's tasks or a technical POC who understands AngularJS and Twitter bootstrap.

ServiceNow Portal Overview Diagram

ServiceNow Portal consists of a framework and a portal. While the framework has APIs, Angular services, directives, and tools that help build portals, a portal is a collection of the pages linked by page IDs.

After entering a URL, the framework uses the suffix and picks the appropriate portal to determine the theme and configurations. Then it loads the configured default portal homepage unless the URL has a specified ID.

Each widget added to a page becomes its instance. A widget instance is the application of a device on a page. Since widgets are reusable and can appear on different pages to do other things, they refer to the manifestation of a widget on a page as a Widget Instance. The page loads with content represented by devices.

Widget instances get their logic from the base widget template, client scripts, server scripts, and CSS depending on the widget.

ServiceNow Portal Configuration Page

You can access most ServiceNow Portal configurations through the Service Portal configuration page landing page itself. However, you can also access the referred configuration page by appending your URL with sp_config. For example, https://.

Performance Analytics Content Pack for ServiceNow Portal

The Performance Analytics Content Pack for ServiceNow Portal offers strategic service delivery by improving the user engagement of your company's portals by tracking the provision of outlets in the pre-configured indicators and data visualizations.

The ServiceNow Portal Usage dashboard orchestrates:

  • Overview Tab

  • Visitors Tab

  • Views Tab

  • Searches Tab

You can select options in the interactive filter to view the reports based on the ServiceNow Portal and the ServiceNow Portal User Country. The statistics provided in each tab changes with changing chosen options in the interactive filter.

User Experience Analytics for Service Portal provides dashboard views for monitoring the key performance indicators (KPIs) of web applications built on Service Portal. These insights will help you optimize your portal.

Features of Service Portal

  • Intuitive, modular design
  • Ready-made components
  • AI-powered search
  • Cross-device compatibility

The Benefits of Service Portal

  • Empower users with self-service
  • Create engaging experiences
  • Increase accuracy and speed

Implementing Service Portal with Royal Cyber

Are you ready to offer your customers and employees a wonderful and intuitive user experience? Whether you are already leveraging ServiceNow Service Portals or would like to get started, our team of experts is here to help. Learn how you can identify anomalies and solve issues before they occur with cross-team automation workflows. Click here to know more.

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