Improve ITSM Efficiency with ServiceNow Agent Workspace

Written by Raja Mohsin Naeem

Service Now Developer

Agent Workspace for ITSM integrates the platform functionality specific to tier-1 agents and puts these features into an easy-to-navigate one window user Interface. ServiceNow's Agent Workspace is an all-in-one application aimed to increase the efficiency of agents. Case navigation and management become a lot easier by allowing agents to handle multiple records of various types in one single tab/window of their web browser. The Workspace application aims to give quick access to agents, answer customer questions, and resolve issues faster.

The use of agent workspace increases efficiency, allows for faster resolution of issues with the use of automatic machine learning suggestions, preemptive alerting of big occurrences based on issues, and live updates on insight and communication.

Advanced work assignments, a tabbed interface, automated interaction login, agent support, and a configurable layout are some of the key benefits of adopting an agent workspace.

Customer Challenge

Agents need to open multiple browser tabs to navigate between issue they are working on. They have to search related helpful articles from a knowledge base to attach with tickets, and the client had a reasonable amount of resolved ITSM tickets in their database as they were using ServiceNow ITSM for more than 5 years, they were handling chat using Connect chat.

  • Pain Point: Searching relevant Articles & Tickets, a lot of navigation, and manual ticket assignment was costing them time and effort.
  • Proposed Solution: Royal Cyber took the lead and suggested using the Agent Work Space for ITSM with one Window operations, agent Assist features, and Auto Assignment of tickets and chats to tier-1 agents.

Agent Workspace

Agent Workspace is a Consolidated ServiceNow Interface that helps Tier-1 agents to respond to Incidents, problems, and change requests asap. It is achieved using an information enriched view of an issue in one interface with relevant suggestions based on Machine learning concepts like Agent Assist, Agent Intelligence, and Predictive Intelligence. This gives extra handy arms to agents to resolve the tickets faster, and more interactively. Agents can quickly move between different issues they are working on and quickly assign tickets to their colleagues. In addition, using Agent Workspace will reduce composing emails, which saves agents valuable time, resulting in unloading workload from their shoulders.

Agent workspace is a comprehensive solution that links with virtual agent, knowledge Base, Catalog, Predictive Intelligence, and Advance work assignment (AWA), which adds key perks to business and helps achieve organizational goals.

How the Story Started

Suggested solution was feasible, and client was happy to kick off the implementation,

  • Phase 1: Deploy the same feel and look of forms, so Royal Cyber’s ServiceNow Team implemented the required branding, form views, Ui Actions (agent workspace buttons), List View and configured the needed Lists like incidents, Requested Items, Knowledge and Changes.
  • Phase 2: Landing pages were configured to provide a birds-eye view to see what's happening now in teams dynamically, so no need to switch the dashboards, and agents can see at first glance. Search & Notifications were configured as per customer needs.
  • Phase 3: Royal Cyber implemented advance work assignment (AWA) to efficiently manage the loads and automatically assign tickets to different teams; separate Service channels were configured for different Tickets. Queues, assignment rules, and capacities were defined for each team.
  • Phase 4: Implementation of Agent chat eliminated the connect chat completely, virtual Agent bots initially entertained end users, and if issues still required live support, then chats were automatically routed to same Agent Workspace window and using the implemented AWA new chat were assigned to teams automatically.
  • Phase 5: Last but more interactive stuff was building search sources, Agent assist recommendations, and Similar resolved tickets. ML Solutions were trained using Company's historical resolved tickets and similar KB articles. This facilitated Level 1 agents to quickly see the resolution and helpful articles in one click using agent assist options.

Business Benefit

With the implemented solution following key benefits were achieved:

  • One Window Operations

  • Process Improvements

  • Improved Resolution Time

  • Increased Virtual agent usage

  • Correct Routing of Tickets to agents

  • Improved Agent capacity

Workspace Availability

Workspaces include everything agents need to find, research, and resolve issues. ServiceNow provides workspaces for,

  • IT Service Management

  • Customer Service Management

  • Request Management

  • HR Service Delivery


Royal Cyber is a ServiceNow partner with a successful history of delivering workflow automation. As a strategic partner and customer, we get access to the most recent ServiceNow innovations well in advance than most partners. We can help you with engaging with ServiceNow Agent Workspace in your environment as it has plenty of advantages thus saving a great amount of time on easy-to-solve incidents. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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