Mulesoft B2B + MonitorPro B2B – A Perfect Recipe for EDI Transactions

Written by Ali Akthar

Technical Account Manager

Organizations are facing many challenges to retain customers and create a unique selling experience. Typically, Organizations either have low or no visibility into this process. They don’t know how many sales orders are generated, shipped, or under the shipping process. There are no deeper insights on the entire Supply chain processes, such as how many orders are received and how many have been worked upon, or how is the inventory situation looks like?

To overcome the challenge, Royal Cyber introduced integrations between MuleSoft and Monitor Pro (A real-time monitoring tool for quick decision making) which gets accurate, comprehensive B2B transaction lifecycles visibility and makes better decisions. In addition to that, organizations can view all relevant transactions from a single dashboard to identify issues and opportunities.

About MuleSoft B2B EDI Transactions

A MuleSoft B2B EDI transaction has various formats (X12, EDIFACT, XML, CSV, and others) and transport protocols (AS2, FTP/S, and others) that are commonly used as a translation layer in electronic transactions between companies. Companies, in general, do not have a unified way to exchange data within the trading partners; hence, it is essential to develop custom solutions for each trading partner. When custom software development is necessary for each trading partner, the time and effort required to onboard new trading partners improve dramatically, thereby restricting the business relationships an organization can pursue.

B2B Transaction Framework allow developers to build a single set of Mule Runtime flows that can process a full range of messages from various partners by dynamically employing rules and configuration data stored in Any point Partner Manager (APM). Thus, non-programmers such as data analysts can use APM to onboard new trading partner relationships and support new transaction types without developing, testing, or deploying new Mule Runtime flows.

EDI Use Cases

There are number of use cases & features connected with EDI:

  • Bulk data transfer – Enterprises can send huge datasets, including transferring huge documents with a single transfer.
  • Standardization and reliability – EDI communications leverage well-defined standards, leading to a significant increase in accuracy and efficiency.
  • Security – EDI solutions provide access only to predefined authorized users and use audit trails. This makes EDI one of the safest ways to transfer data.
  • Process automation – EDI is an accepted standard that already observes business processes. For example: If a company sends an X12 850 PO document to a supplier, the recipient already knows to begin the order fulfillment process.

Monitor Pro B2B for Real-time Visibility & Deeper Insights

Monitor Pro's real-time visibility platform helps organizations identify, prioritize, and respond to supply chain challenges faster and solve costly problems before they occur.

The AI-powered, scalable transaction monitoring and application monitoring tools can track millions of transactions, arbitrating both success and failure scenarios. Thus, we guide you towards successful scenarios with accurate data.

The solution employs machine learning to identify volume, velocity, and value-pattern anomalies in your supply chain transactions. It sends real-time notifications so that you are informed of the changes in your supply chain networks.

Supply Chain Optimization

Monitor pro provides optimization in the order processing system as well as procure-to-pay processes. The core activities are generally located in the phase of a customer relationship, whereby organizations get deeper insights into opportunities for improvements or optimizations.

Organizations strive to optimize the order-to-cash cycle for various reasons. It impacts operations throughout the business, including supply chain management, inventory management, and labor. Bottlenecks in one area can cause problems for units that are discrete.

Moreover, the invoicing and accounts receivable functions carried out during supply chain processes determine the company’s cash inflows. As a result, delays in the collection can complicate accounts payable, payroll, potential acquisitions, and other issues related to liquidity.

To manage the process well, you should excel at every function of business, including sales, manufacturing, technology management, fulfillment, shipping, and accounting. Monitor Pro B2B EDI Integration will give you real-time monitoring and insights into your business transactions from a single platform. Leverage the intelligent features of Monitor Pro to get decision-grade data on your transactions, cashflows, orders, and more.

  • Drive & improve revenues with a 360-degree view

  • Make fact-based decisions with reliable data

  • Boost cashflow with automation

You can ensure your workflows are on track with automated notifications and exception alerts and transform all workflows into digital processes.

  • Deliver real value with AI capabilities that detect anomalies

  • Identify and eliminate factors that cause anomalies

  • Watch patterns and trends over time

Monitor Pro eliminates siloed operations and inefficient processes with advanced analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a result, organizations can now predict risks, detect changing patterns, reduce consumer fraud, and more.

  • Prevent payment frauds by identifying attributes and patterns

  • Analyze common pitfalls in an Over-the-counter process

  • Make effective pricing decisions

Minimize Complexities in Person-to-Person Processes

With a simple and intuitive user interface, Monitor Pro can help you handle infinite volumes of transactions and supplier data and link that data to other procurement and accounting functions. As a result, organizations can improve efficiency and effectiveness across your P2P processes, including catalog, requisition, and purchase order management functions.

Monitor Pro helps organizations easily integrate to one or many ERPs or third-party financial management systems to make the respective IT team more agile and focus on core initiatives.

  • Get seamless integrations for effortless communication
  • Switch between multiple ERP systems with no difficulties
  • Unleash the power of your ERP with an insightful system

EDI Transactions

Monitor Pro supports all industries and EDI documents, specializing in helping organizations with all EDI transactions and business requirements, ensuring EDI compliance with the network of retailers, eCommerce partners, grocers, OEMs, healthcare organizations, etc. trading partners.

Real-Time Customer Use Case

A leading US manufacturer faced challenges onboarding partners, recording transactions, and visibility around inventory and order processing. Royal Cyber positioned MuleSoft and Monitor pro to solve this problem. Royal Cyber implemented MuleSoft and Monitor Pro, integrated the back-end system, implemented EDI-based transactions, and for business intelligence implemented and configured the real-time transaction monitoring and insights tool for the order visibility, inventory positioning, delivery status, and other key decisions.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a methodology for business-to-business (B2B) communications over electronic mediums. This eliminates the need for paper communications and minimizes human interactions for completing business transmissions. MuleSoft provides many Modules (a.k.a. connectors) that help connect with other systems or perform standard non-business-related transformations. Fortunately, this collection of modules includes some EDI Modules such as X12, EDIFACT, AS2, etc.

At Royal Cyber, we look at specific uses cases and fit them into your digital transformation journey. Join us to learn to Modernize and Visualize B2B/EDI Platforms with MuleSoft & Monitor Pro. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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