Solr Search – An Operational Enterprise Search Solution

Current search platforms provide a console where you can enter all of the information needed to index content and help in bringing up the results. Search conditions’ have to index repositories, apply security and end up giving the results. Does your search engine bring up the results? What results did it not fetch? Why did it not fetch?

WebSphere Commerce search provides enhanced search functionality in starter stores by enabling enriched search engine capabilities such as automatic search term suggestions and spelling correction, while influencing store search results by using search term associations, and search-based merchandising rules.

WebSphere Commerce search runs as a search server for your starter store that helps deliver targeted search results, while search enables customers to find products more effectively.

WebSphere Commerce search provides the following key business benefits:

• It is built on the top of open architecture: Apache Solr and Apache Lucene.
• It contains a rich set of search functionality for shoppers in starter stores.
• It provides integrated search management tooling for business users in the Management Center.
• It extends the scope of searchable content for business users for both structured and unstructured content.
• It lowers the total cost of deployment and ownership, since its functionality is included as a feature of WebSphere Commerce. solr Business benefits of Apache Solr

With the rise in number of online users, application reliability and scalability is of foremost importance. Solr is demonstrated in terms of scalability, reliability, and speed; it is such a search engine with which incoming traffic can be increased, ensuring that search results and search terms are most desirably exposed for public Web searching.

Accessibility, find ability, relevance, and recommending other results are every time the essential aspects of search technology. Solr search with its text analyzing abilities empower customers to search with free text and get products of their interest. To end with, it is the utmost widely used search platform, which is developed and supported by a large communal open source developers.

What our Online Shoppers expect?

Online shoppers would want to have a control over their shopping experience at the same time be guided through a process of decision making that conveniences the customer to buy under certain criteria like budget, reason, need and personal circumstances. Shoppers also want to shop dynamically in a personalized manner.

What our Merchandizers expect?

Sustaining an inordinate shopping experience requires agility. Agility and Flexibility are the buzzwords. As fashion, price and new products are launched frequently, merchandizers want analytical information to fine-tune the online promotions to focus on eCommerce strategy.

About Our Practice

Royal Cyber’s practice has number of members who focuses on the expertise and service delivery offerings. Enterprise Search is a primary practice with proven capabilities to provide end-to-end search solutions for our customers. Our technical specialists to senior architects have focus on enterprise search consulting, solution migration systems integration and post implementation support. Our practice holds agreements with various leading enterprise search vendors and we can be reached at [email protected]

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