How Salesforce Commerce Cloud will Fuel the Future of eCommerce

Written by Muhammad Nauman Sohail

Senior Business Analyst

Salesforce offers quality class eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C companies. Talking about the specifications of Salesforce, this digital commerce platform is equipped with solutions that have garnered appreciation from experts and customers. In Q3 2018, the famous research and advisory company Forrester entitled Salesforce a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2C Commerce Suites, which is evident from the fact that many companies are continuously embracing it.

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Suite has always been on the top preference list and obtained the highest score in personalization, business intelligence, AI, machine learning, and analytics. Also, Gartner, a leading technology research and consulting company, honored Salesforce as a Leader in June 2018 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce for the third year in a row. 

If a business is striving to achieve a higher level of organization with effective management, Salesforce is the solution.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud and how has it influenced the eCommerce Industry?

Salesforce Commerce is a cloud-based solution that aids eCommerce firms with intriguing capabilities such as merchandising, promotions, fulfillment, content, marketing, and customer service accompanied by modern technologies, namely machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, Salesforce Commerce Cloud assists businesses in providing up-to-date digital experiences to their customers.

Keeping in view that customer-centric relationships define many businesses today, this software proves to be a perfect tool to provide the right services aligned to each customer’s need.

Advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The dominant features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud that help the eCommerce industry grow by leaps and bounds are:

  • Incorporating the buying experience: Integrating Salesforce eCommerce allows businesses to connect with customers across multiple touchpoints. Therefore, there are lesser disruptions in customer interactions. In addition, the process is smooth and streamlined to a higher level, giving the sellers a single, 360-degree view of all customer activities, orders, and inventory. This all-inclusive view guarantees to address all the facets of the customer needs. As a result, businesses can create cohesive customer journeys to drive their sales, ensuring that consumers are not lost at different levels, leading to a higher conversion rate.
  • Being Mobile First: According to the Business Insider Intelligence prediction, the volume of mobile commerce will rise at 25.5% CAGR from 2019 to strike 488 billion US dollars, or 44% of Commerce, in 2024. Salesforce Commerce Cloud facilitates businesses with capabilities to amplify their mobile game with emerging eCommerce businesses requiring mobile-friendly interactive interfaces. Salesforce empowers businesses to setup mobile-responsive online stores, optimize micro-moments, and enable one-touch payments making them easily accessible to customers and leading to increased sales.
  • Scaling Up Fast: Being a cloud-based platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps businesses grow rapidly and enter new markets in quicker times. No one would have ever imagined how scaling up a business could be just a tap away. Businesses can now customize their online stores across various countries, currencies, and languages. The demographics of the online stores can be easily adjusted and modified according to the market taste. Sellers can easily manage multiple stores from one framework, making the system more integrated with streamlined and efficient processes.
  • Personalizing User Experiences:  Salesforce eCommerce allows retailers to utilize AI and other data science technologies to create personalized customer experiences. Interestingly, Salesforce also offers AI as a part of their eCommerce suite. It helps retailers manage their inventory and other business processes in a better way. In addition, the data produced through AI can be visualized far more efficiently, thereby assisting e-retailers in leveraging it at affordable costs and building quick data capabilities.
  • Driving Innovations: Salesforce Commerce Cloud assists eCommerce firms in delivering innovative digital experiences to their clients. The suite enables businesses to avail new promotion techniques, experiment with fulfillment, enhance customer support and experience. It provides a website framework combining the best practices of in-store design, merchandising, and technical architecture. The extensive library of pre-built integrations, including payment accelerators, loyalty programs, ratings and reviews accentuate the shopping experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows businesses to shift to an online setup quickly and enables them to exceed customer experiences by providing the necessary tools all in one place at an affordable cost. In a nutshell, Salesforce is a comprehensive solution to many of the problems businesses face.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Case Study

About the Client:

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Brambleberry is a beauty and cosmetics company. They combine creative inspiration, expert guidance, and high-quality handcraft supplies, all in one place so customers can spend more time making and sharing the things they love.

Use Case:

The Brambleberry business and IT team came up with the requirement, “to share their customer data across multiple Salesforce CRM Clouds such as Sales, Service & Marketing using one Unique ID”. The purpose behind this was to have a single dashboard and point of visibility for their business and IT department to see their customer data.


Royal Cyber, a Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner worked with Brambleberry to implement cross-cloud integration on Salesforce Commerce Cloud using APIs. In the solution architecture, the hierarchy of the cloud platforms has been restructured in the sequential order as mentioned below:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Service Cloud

  • Marketing Cloud

After the cross-cloud integration in the restructured architecture, SFCC will make the callouts to Service Cloud only. All the data that needs to be worked on should be updated in the Service Cloud and the status of those records will be maintained accordingly. This Service Cloud will connect to Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) using the standard connector called Marketing Cloud Connect. Marketing Cloud is a package that needs to be installed and this single integration user credentials will synchronize all the data present in the Service Cloud to the Marketing Cloud.

All the major data has been kept at the SFCC and only required data are pushed to Service Cloud for managing the storage and callouts limit, even if it is required for marketing purposes. SFCC can track the subscriber/customer record through the tracking pixel code, or by embedding the required things within the record pages which is called CloudPages using AMPScript. Hence, the synchronization between SFCC and Service Cloud will need the APIs/Webservices whereas the synchronization between Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud will be achieved automatically.


Taking advantage of Salesforce’s Cross Cloud Integration, Brambleberry enabled a unified customer identity and managed customer data across multiple clouds with seamless data portability to achieve an increase in order conversion, improved sales and operation forecasting, and eliminated duplicate customer data.

Cross Cloud Integration of

Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Brambleberry

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