A Guide to UiPath’s New 2022.4 Release

Written by Imran Abdul Rauf

Technical Content Writer

By 2024, enterprises are said to lower their operational costs by 30% by merging hyperautomation with redesigned operational processes. And the best RPA tools like UiPath will continue to help businesses reduce their operating costs, manage repetitive processes, report compliance improvements, etc.

UiPath—Amongst the Best RPA Tools in the Automation Space

UiPath, with numerous customer-driven enhancements and capabilities throughout the UiPath platform and UiPath Automation Cloud, the 2022.4 release helps businesses with digital transformation through more manageable and faster processes. This blog will discuss the essential features and updates with the new 2022.4 release.

UiPath—The 2022.4 Release Series

A recently conducted UiPath Live show, where industry experts from UiPath and Forrester discussed various automation aspects, like the next generation Automation Cloud in 2022.4 release, the addition of the new Automation Cloud Robots feature, and the role of automation platforms in the automation fabric.

After the live session followed a series of several other sessions aimed at IT experts, test engineers, automation center of excellence (CoEs), and automation developers.

Let’s dive deeper into what the new 2022.4 release has in store for automation enthusiasts and businesses.

Automation Cloud Robots

The feature of Automation Cloud Robots is a powerful addition to the SaaS tool’s new release. With a clear emphasis on a cloud-first approach, the ACR feature provides scalable robot capacity hosted by UiPath in the Automation Cloud, translating for better customer choice delivery options. This allows users to acquire a larger cloud capacity without building an infrastructure of their own in any of the six regions.

Besides the two automation cloud robots released, VM Automation Cloud Robot and Serverless Automation Cloud Robot, another licensing option is available. Users can buy the Robot Units bundle to reserve a VM Cloud Robot or obtain serverless runtime minutes.

Frictionless automation development and faster time to market

Developers have always been the most faithful to the best RPA tools available. The case for UiPath is no different, as the new release 2022.4 places a heavy focus on assisting developers in creating better, improved automations. The platform has enhanced integrations with various UiPath products, for instance, sharing data and resources from one product to another, which also means improving the development speed for developers with fewer resources.

Transitioning from one product to another or from an end-user to the developer is easier than ever. Developers can now seamlessly create automations and easily flow inside the enterprise, allowing all the associated participants to complete their chunk before handing over the project.

Automation access for all

Employees invest around 10% to 25% of their time completing repetitive tasks on any given workday. Hence, using process automation is a strong preference for most employees in their day-to-day work. Employees want to free enough time and work on their skills development and tasks that add value and impact their jobs and the business.

The new release 2022.4 commits to empowering every user to access an extensive library of ready-to-go automations. The previous release integrated the Assistant and UiPath Marketplace, encouraging every automation user to utilize ready-to-go automations through the Marketplace widget. The new release offers 26 new automations for employees wanting to automate a plethora of tasks, from locating pages from a PDF to password security docs.

All automations are created by certified robotic process automation professionals promoting employees to use secure, trusted content for their jobs. Moreover, users can download all the ready-to-go automations and customize them per their custom needs.

Better security and compliance

The new 2022.4 release commits to continue prioritizing the security essentials for automation jobs. As automation users look for solutions to automate critical tasks, UiPath promises to meet the security and compliance standards for all as the best RPA tools often do.

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Further updates in the security domain include Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and single sign-on (SSO) integration to enable teams to pursue a superior user experience. A summary of the features of different products includes.

  • UiPath Automation Cloud includes IT governance with conditional access, full data sovereignty offering simplified compliance, and broader compliance covering SOC 2® attestation for added services and HIPPA attestation to help you acquire the confidence of working in a regulated environment.
  • UiPath Orchestrator added the HashiCorp and BeyondTrust credential stores, at-rest encryption to encrypt all stored queue data, OAuth 2.0 for robot authentication for unattended robots to connect with Orchestrator through a client ID, and roles and permissions improvements allowing users to create and edit and execute their preferred controls.
  • UiPath Test Manager provides role-based access control (RBAC) and defines roles and permissions to create and handle testing, determining which users are authorized, like admins and project owners, to access projects.
  • UiPath Process Mining to manage permissions and roles for developing and managing process applications in the Process Mining feature.
  • UiPath Insights (on-premises) quickly adds insights from the existing Azure Active Directory, Orchestrator, and Cloud membership groups and log configuration rules that teams can implement to exercise control over which processes’ log data is sent to Insights.
  • UiPath Action Center to aid teams in encrypting data to decide which actions data need to be kept separate from other business-critical information.

You can visit UiPath’s Trust and Security Portal to learn more about the about and how they can help your automation projects.

Adding Automation Launchpad

The challenge of democratizing and scaling your enterprise’s automation program to business users is enormous. Many components need to come together, including administrative, educational, governance, marketing, operational and change management. Hence, the work scope is huge!

The platform now introduces the Automation Launchpad built through UiPath Apps, encouraging users to redeem their automation programs instead of administrative tasks. Automation Launchpad is a comprehensive solution for enterprise-level users wanting to navigate to what they require and when they require it. In addition to that, the feature makes it easier for you to stay compliant with the IT governance and CoE best practices.

The smooth interface lets you easily track your automation program journey, request access to UiPath products, pursue trainings through the UiPath Academy, submit an idea to the UiPath Automation Hub, create automations through the UiPath StudioX launch button, and run automations in UiPath Assistant, and more.

Final takeaways

The new release 2022.4 offers robust security features in Automation Cloud Robots, seamless development and faster time to market, automation access for all users, improved security and compliance proceedings, and the introduction of the Automation Launchpad. Royal Cyber is a partner of UiPath, one of the best RPA tools in the automation space, and offers process automation consultancy services for enterprise-level clients.

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