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Written by Saddam Hussain

Technical Lead, ServiceNow

Data volumes are continuously increasing, and organizations are keen to exploit them to the maximum. ServiceNow Performance Analytics can capture, store, and process data using the latest technologies. It gives complete visibility on costs, analyzes data at speed, and connects structured with unstructured data. Consider, for example, an insurance company that wants to improve the support system for its branch office. The company can use performance analytics to recommend KPIs that will solve customer issues and provide inferences from reports. ServiceNow performance analytics provides access to real-time trends with the flexibility to drill down into results.

Let’s discuss one more example. Imagine sitting in the stands of a cricket match. The score is tied with only one ball to spare. The batsman lofted the ball down the field, and the fielder reaches back to make a spectacular running catch. It’s all over as the fielder romps triumphantly towards their other team members. Visibility to who will win the match before the bowler even balled can help. With complete visibility, the teams can know who will win based on the past matches' strengths and weaknesses. For instance, which bowler can work best during the game? Was the wind blowing or calm? The teams can consider these variables before making decisions. Visibility and predictability are about seeing the past and present and predicting the future based on the current and historical context.

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In businesses, it’s the same. To succeed, organizations need to define clear objectives and prepare plans to meet them. It also needs to measure the current performance against the goals to understand whether it is on track to meet the future’s needs. Real-time visibility is essential to predict the future based on history and situation. Trends and patterns enable organizations to plan effectively, avoid issues, and make better business decisions.

Performance analytics help in correlating data in the system and obtain insights. It measures the performance of the business against measurable objectives and helps answer questions such as:

  • How can we make better decisions based on insights?
  • Why a specific trend or pattern is happening?
  • What will happen if it continues?

This blog will discuss why organizations must be proactive than reactive to make timely decisions.

Power your Business with ServiceNow Performance Analytics

In the digital transformation era, enterprises must be proactive rather than reactive to make definitive, fact-based decisions. The use of performance analytics enables organizations to:

  • Predict when the change is coming and how to take advantage of the opportunity

  • Prioritize resources effectively so that it can focus on high demand areas

  • Validate the decisions made and how it affects the performance

  • Identify issues in advance so that it can fix them beforehand

  • Obtain daily trends and real-time actionable insights

  • Pinpoint and eliminate efficiencies and bottlenecks

  • Continually improve processes and services

A study by Nuclear Research says,” Analytics evolve with time, and businesses must leverage it to achieve better business outcomes.” As a digital transformation partner, Royal Cyber leverages ServiceNow Performance Analytics' power to provide simple, secure access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We can provide dashboards to help organizations proactively improve processes, anticipate trends, optimize business services, prioritize resources, and align them with overall business goals. A Forrester report mentions that ServiceNow Performance Analytics has enabled organizations to save approximately $2.5 million annually.

Traditional Vs. ServiceNow Performance Analytics

In a traditional performance analytics system, business intelligence software runs on top of the data warehouse. Since the operational and performance analytics systems are separate, the enterprise must switch between the two, making the entire process inefficient. Due to different systems, the information is often out of date as it is imported into the warehouse. Organizations usually don’t have a clear view of the present and the future.

A modern solution such as ServiceNow Performance Analytics embeds the analytics system into the software, which the employees can see and use every day. With an embedded analytics system, employees can access up-to-date information and insights into your organization’s past, present, and future. Real-time actionable insights improve business processes, provide continual service improvement, and increase operational efficiency.

ServiceNow Performance Analytics: Differentiators

ServiceNow Performance Analytics is built on a strong foundation of insight-driven decision-making, robust data governance, and an integrated approach to analysis and data management. Before implementing it, organizations must know why they should implement the application.

Let’s take a closer look at the top five differentiators of ServiceNow Performance Analytics:

Single Source of Truth

ServiceNow Performance Analytics dashboards help organizations establish a single source of truth. Dashboards have the latest data for analyzing charts and engaging in fact-based decisions.

Continual Service Improvement

An organization can continually improve services by acting on Key Performance Indicators using forecasts, Analytics Hub, time charts, dashboards, and breakdowns.

Plug-and-play Analytics

ServiceNow Performance Analytics is a plug-and-play solution with dashboards, Key Performance Indicators, and analytics integrated with ServiceNow applications.

Anticipate Trends

An organization can monitor present and past performance, identify areas of improvement, and detect bottlenecks if any before they occur.

Responsive, Interactive Dashboards

Dashboard in ServiceNow Performance Analytics provides a graphical view of the trends that help employees make quick and informed decisions. Dashboards are customizable and give a clear idea of the business processes. The organization can share these dashboards with individuals giving a single source of truth.


Drive Business Transformation with ServiceNow Performance Analytics

ServiceNow Performance Analytics provides necessary reporting abilities and helps keep track of the data's historical context. Using this application, organizations can track KPIs and provide insights into the performance.

Royal Cyber, a ServiceNow Specialist partner, helps organizations leverage performance analytics to drive performance. We have the expertise and experience to work closely with organizations to harness data and apply analytics. Applying analytics to data will improve delivery quality, increase enterprise agility, and demonstrate business value.

Where are you in your journey to performance analytics excellence?

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