Supercharge Your Integrations with MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

Written by Afsa Ashraf

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Organizations need to make appropriate business decisions using the most up-to-date data in today's fast-paced world. But in most companies, data tends to be siloed and locked up in several systems. Integrating disparate systems and data has been a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that must be performed often to effortlessly automate business workflows.

If you are a SaaS admin, marketer, business analyst, salesperson, or team leader in control of important business processes, you've felt this pain. You have had to depend on Information technology and line-of-business teams to create integrations, systems, and data and automate the whole process. Unfortunately, this dependency puts a massive strain on Information Technology organizations and developer teams already drained by growing business demands & shrinking IT resources.

MuleSoft Composer

MuleSoft has typically been a developer tool, out of reach for most administrators, which has meant having to wait for development resources to finish your high-priority tasks. However, to solve the integration problems and alleviate the burden on your central IT developer teams, MuleSoft has developed a new tool called MuleSoft Composer. A MuleSoft Composer is an integration tool designed for SaaS admins, business analysts, marketers, salespeople, and team leaders.

If you are a developer, you must be familiar with MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform — the world's #1 integration and API platform. Using Anypoint Platform, IT teams can securely integrate systems and unify data with reusable APIs in order to launch key business initiatives like automating business processes and building connected customer experiences. As a result, thousands of organizations rely on the Anypoint Platform to deliver speed, agility, and innovation at scale.

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is the fastest and easiest way for non-developers to connect apps and data to Salesforce using clicks, not code. No more waiting for developer resources for urgent, high-priority projects; MuleSoft Composer empowers you to build and integrate quickly, without ever leaving Salesforce.

MuleSoft Composer is conceived to address the same challenge for a different audience: knowledge workers in lines of business (LoB) who are not native developers. This blog outlines the challenges that Composer solves.

You may be interested in reading this Whitepaper that explains how you can bridge the gap between Salesforce & MuleSoft for a Seamless Integration.

How MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce assists?

Enrich your 360-degree customer view by empowering your Salesforce admins with a no-code solution for connecting apps, rapidly unlocking data, and automating integrations to boost productivity.

  • Build integrations quickly with clicks, not code — all inside Salesforce
  • Hit the ground running from a vast library of connectors and templates
  • Preview as you build connections and design with real data
  • Monitor any errors with automatic alerts

Knowledge workers in the (LoB) Line of Business teams who are not developers have the potential to help IT scale which is an unexploited opportunity. How does that work in practice? Imagine a system admin who wants to automate their day-to-day workflows.

In most organizations, the (LoB) Line of Business teams worker is entirely dependent on IT to deliver on their request to automate & innovate. However, this dependence is unmanageable for both IT and the business. To realize the potential of the enterprise, (LoB) Line of Business teams workers need an integration solution that allows them to securely access systems to innovate at scale with IT.

What MuleSoft Composer Does?

MuleSoft Composer is built on Anypoint Platform, which shares the same enterprise-grade collaboration, monitoring, runtime, governance, and security capabilities. As a result, the first integration solution gives organizations the no-code, point-and-click environment experience those non-developers need, and the IT expects enterprise-grade security, reliability, and governance.

Using MuleSoft Composer, (LoB) of Business teams workers and IT can innovate together faster and better. The first step in that idea comes the most used enterprise SaaS apps globally, which is Salesforce.

There is no reservation that the IT and LoB partnership can accelerate innovation. However, (LoB) Line of Business teams workers are waiting for a solution that allows them to access and connect data easily. In addition, (LoB) Line of Business teams workers do not want to leave their native business apps and data-to-day workflows to solve integration challenges.

Features of MuleSoft Composer

MuleSoft Composer makes it easy to perform integration tasks. It presents the following features for building and running flows.

  • Connect as a validated user automatically to different systems.
  • Obtain data from connected systems based on a particular event or program.
  • Loop through a collection of records & perform specific actions on each record.
  • Map extracted data.
  • View test data in every step of a flow.
  • Troubleshoot errors inflows.
  • Filter and route data through a flow based on conditions.
  • Orchestrate data across different systems.
  • Test, run, monitor, and manage flows.

Benefits Of MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

  • Create API integrations with a few clicks rather than coding — all from within Salesforce.
  • With automatic alerts, you can keep track of any errors.
  • Streamlines Your Sales Process.
  • With real data, you can preview your connections and designs as you build them.
  • Get started quickly with a connector and template library – Start in a matter of minutes.
  • Enhances Team Collaboration.
  • Boosts Employee Experience.

What is the next thing in MuleSoft Composer?

By allowing IT and (LoB) Line of Business teams workers with custom-made solutions, they can collaborate better and more seamlessly. MuleSoft and Salesforce enable organizations to unleash the composable enterprise's full power. MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce will be available soon, which will mark the beginning of the journey to empower (LoB) Line of Business teams workers.

As the journey continues, more capabilities are added within the Anypoint Platform, simplifying how IT monitors, secures, & governs integrations built by the business and releasing enhanced features that enable IT and the companies to collaborate more effectively. And for organizations that are not using Salesforce/MuleSoft in the future, MuleSoft Composer will be available for organizations new to Salesforce Customer 360 or MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform.

Start Your Journey to Data Access and Integration

IT resources are scarce at many organizations, but (LoB) Line of Business teams workers still need to deliver on high-priority projects. In addition, organizations always want to realize the promise of a composable enterprise. Today's reality is that (LoB) Line of Business teams workers across organizations are hungry for a solution that lets them to connect data and apps with clicks, not code & MuleSoft Composer aims to do just that.

MuleSoft Composer is the perfect no-code tool for non-developers to connect apps & data to Salesforce. Empowering your Salesforce admins has never been easier- you'll get the tools you need to connect apps & data and automate integrations quickly. Integrate Salesforce and with MuleSoft to drive elevated customer experiences and new revenue streams across the business.

If you are curious about how to start building a composable enterprise via APIs, learn more about API-led integration. Royal Cyber can help you kick start your journey with MuleSoft Composer with the product release. For more info, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or visit

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