Automate Integrations with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer

Businesses are on a break-neck journey towards digital transformation. However, speed without a proper approach will only get to the wrong place faster. Integrations built too fast or with no proper testing can cause major rework, costing time and money and possibly impacting application performance and, in due course, reputation. On the other hand, successful integration is delivered not only quickly but with high quality.

To integrate better and faster, every integration essentially has to be automated, leveraging best practices by applying AI to real-world operational data to detect issues and recommendations, driving continuous improvement, bringing together the right combination of integration capabilities as contrasting to a one-style-fits-all approach. Accomplish the ideal mix of new and existing system development by modernizing core applications to be cloud-native and exposing the value of your data while closing other systems.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is the solution to bring in both speed and quality, improving integrations and your applications by covering AI-powered automation across the integration lifecycle. As a result, companies can speed their integration development by 300%, reduce integration costs by over 33% and increase overall operational competency while maintaining enhanced security, governance, and availability.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Capabilities

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is a comprehensive hybrid integration platform, incorporating an ideal mix of modern and traditional integration styles and embeds AI and automation.

  • API management - Unlock business data and assets as APIs.

  • Application integration - Connect your cloud and on-premises applications.

  • Event streaming - Deliver real-time Kafka event interaction.

  • High-speed data transfer - Drive faster data transport across essentially any cloud in a security-rich environment.

  • Enterprise messaging - Deliver messages reliably with enterprise-grade messaging.

  • End-to-end security - Control access to vital resources wherever they are.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Deployment Options

With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, you can run your integration software virtually anywhere—through containers supported by Red Hat OpenShift software, on any existing infrastructure on-premises, or through private and public clouds. Use the capabilities you need with a completely modular approach that is designed to be easily consumed.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Security and Support

Companies are connected to the world than ever before. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration helps out organizations to reduce exposure to business and security risks while adhering to compliance policies. Our technical specialists formulate an identity and access management (IAM) strategy based on your current and future business requirements using IBM proprietary assessment tools and industry best practices. Take advantage of complete software stack support and current compliance, security, and version compatibility.

Features and Benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

  • Low-Code and No-Code Tooling: Boost productivity, reduce time to market. It helps ensure that a wider set of roles can easily apply AI to create intelligent business solutions through a no-code approach.
  • AI Mapping Assist: Integrate applications and data quicker, more efficiently, and with greater precision. Uses AI algorithms and semantic analysis to suggest mappings, designed to streamline integration's most challenging part.
  • Asset Repository: Reuse established and previously written applications to speed development.
  • Connectors Catalog: Connect everything, virtually anywhere. Pre-built, security-rich intelligent connectors, including RPA, scrape key details from existing applications, enabling effective connectivity on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Security-Rich Gateway: Apply security consistently with no external security solutions. Integrate, control, and boost the delivery of workloads across various channels in a security-rich environment, that includes mobile, web, API, service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B, and cloud.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Benefits

Accelerate development through automation, powered by AI. Uses built-in AI to accelerate integration development by 50% –300%. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration comes with every single thing the developers need for a speedy delivery. Low-code/no-code integration tooling uses built-in natural language processing (NLP) and AI to offer smarter mapping results. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate integrations with automated API test generation, legacy apps, pre-built intelligent connectors, and a common, shareable asset repository to support reuse.

Improve integration value with continuous feedback based on real-time data. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration uses operational data particular to your company to prepare the embedded AI that automates integration work. This closed-loop approach supports flow, and field mapping recommendations creates more ingenious API test cases and helps find your current environment's inefficiencies.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by using multiple integration approaches and styles. Multiple integration styles are needed to address the increasing complexity and drive down costs in hybrid IT environments. This multi-style integration is a major feature of IBM Cloud Pak for integration, from creating app integration flows and exposing reuse work via an API to having continuous back-end availability for updates using business-critical messaging. In addition, with the industry's most complete set of capabilities in a single platform, it helps you avoid several licensing fees that come with other vendor offerings.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration offers proven DMZ and hybrid cloud-ready security and performance with a gateway that has not been hacked in 15+ years. Delivers powerful performance with over 30,000 transactions per second and consists of resiliency and autoscaling to improve integration admin's operations. In addition, businesses can establish adherence to security and compliance policies and identify deployment processes, and security issues as they occur, providing data to feed AI for future best practices and asset protection.

Improve operational and workload efficiency through AI-powered automation while reducing risk with processing mining and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, helping you find anomalies across integrations and extend integrations to otherwise unreachable assets. In addition, with built-in automated workload scaling, balancing, and self-healing, you will experience up to five-nines application availability and throughput optimization.


IBM Cloud Pak for Integration catches deployment, operation, and security issues as they occur, decreasing the time taken to find the root cause and streamlining the steps that prevent from adhering to security and compliance policies across all integration assets.

Royal Cyber helps you deliver a modern, agile approach to integration, extending AI-powered automation across the integration lifecycle to improve integration development speed and quality using IBM Cloud Pak for Integration. At Royal Cyber, we can help you provide your employees gain access to the data they need to make well-informed business decisions and drive new engagement models and tailored omnichannel experiences for your customers. You may be interested to watch this webcast where our discuss on how to collaborate and streamline end-to-end processes in a single platform with IBM Cloud Pak.

To automate deployment, scaling, and self-healing across systems and update without downtime, enhanced with end-to-end tracing, you need integration and digital transformation initiatives. To know more about IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, please contact us at [email protected] or visit

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