What customer journey speaks and how to understand?

Every customer journey states the story of the customer’s involvement from first contact, from end to end the process of engagement, and into a long-term relationship. Today, your customers can embark on many different journeys with your business across multiple channels, applications, and devices, and they expect exceptional experiences at every step.

Analyze Data from Customer Behavior

To be successful and delight your customers at every juncture, you must know who they are, what they want, and why and how they want it. Discover the insights you need to make your customer’s experience better. And, most importantly, how to ensure that all your customer’s touchpoints function holistically, friction-free.

The IBM Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) lines up the abilities from IBM Tealeaf and IBM Digital Analytics that enriches them with customer journey and analysis. This provides a platform to compute and visualize each customer journey, offering the chance to solve potential issues, increase conversions, and at the same time, optimize every journey to form loyal customers.

Uncover Trends and Valuable Insights

With all the paths your customers can take on their journeys, it is easy for customer data to become fragmented and challenging to effectively analyze. CXA combines several innovative analytics, customer behavior analytics, journey analytics, and heat maps that form analytics to offer a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ digital experience. The customer analytics aids you in identifying where your customers are struggling, and easily zoom in to restate the parts of the session that instigated the problem, allowing you to act on insights to improve site optimization and customer experience.

The new multi-channel path analysis of journey analytics allows you to quickly compare path popularity, duration, revenue, and customer values across all unique segments and drill down for deeper understanding of customer journeys. The inclusion of heat maps and form analytics can help to round out the picture by showing where customers click, hover, or swipe on your site, or struggle when completing a form so that you can work to increase conversions and better understand your customers’ interactions. With CXA, these analytic capabilities work seamlessly together in a single user interface making it easy to unite around your customers and collaborate around insights by providing you a refined lens to view your customers’ journeys.

Royal Cyber Delivering Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Whether you have made the transition to the new IBM Digital Analytics Interface or in the process of making the adaptation, this is the perfect time to consider the IBM CXA solution to optimize your business. In addition to the improved user experience and enhanced capabilities offered with the new Digital Analytics Interface, your upgrade to IBM CXA offers additional benefits. The CXA solution is being extended to valued DA clients with an advantageous renewal price where a relatively minimal investment offers you significant upgrade capabilities.

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