Speed Build – Faster & Easier B2B ECommerce Order Processing Solution

B2B eCommerce more than doubles B2C in revenue and is booming. Thus, no B2B seller can afford to brush aside the chance facing the success of their company. If they do not embody eCommerce into their business plan, they will miss out on sales and long-term deals that will decide the future of their company

According to Forrester, US B2B eCommerce will expand from $780 billion in the year 2015 to $1.13 trillion in 2020 at which time it will comprise 12.1% of the total $9.39 trillion US B2B commerce market.

Royal Cyber Speed Build Solution on IBM WebSphere Commerce

The challenge for the B2B seller is to make the efficient process of creating and placing orders fast and easy. Sometimes their orders have almost the same order items with minimal changes.

Royal Cyber Speed Build solution provides a single click checkout on IBM WebSphere Commerce which is the leading B2B eCommerce platform. The idea behind this solution is that B2B buyers in the field can select SKU’s from a requisition list, enter the quantity and click on Submit the button. This should complete the checkout using backend logic and transfer the customers to the order confirmation page.

Royal Cyber Speed Build solution helps to build pre-defined bills of materials for customers, which offer each buyer their own personal ‘shopping lists’ of frequently ordered products.

B2B Seller can leverage the Speed build solution to provide faster and easier orders online. This solution makes the online shopping customer experience better and reduces the load from B2B Seller’s customer service team.

Benefits of Speed Build Solution

  • A Single Click Checkout using Speed Build, making it easier for customers to order online while on Job Sites.
  • Faster and Easier Order Processing
  • Offered each buyer their own personal ‘shopping lists’ of frequently ordered products.
  • Allow Account Managers to update & create personalized Shopping Carts based on their interaction on call.
  • Significant increase in online orders and customer satisfaction

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