Optimize Online Experiences by Seeing It Through Your Customer’s Eyes

Online shopping has made it easier for customers to buy what they need conveniently while creating opportunities for businesses. Although this sounds simple, businesses still face many challenges related to customer experience.

Despite the increase in online purchases, businesses are losing sales due to poor customer user experiences online. This could take the form of complicated navigation, lack of information, a problematic shopping experience, and other difficulties.

Enhanced Customer Experience Management With IBM Tealeaf

Organizations can address these issues and enhance their ecommerce sites with the use of advanced customer experience management solutions such as IBM Tealeaf to increase profitability and provide better online shopping experiences.

IBM’s Customer Experience Management solutions make it possible for organizations to deliver superior digital customer experiences, and improve their online conversion and customer retention rates while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Digital marketers, IT professionals and customer service staff can use IBM Tealeaf to gain a deeper understanding into their customers. In turn, organizations can offer optimized web and mobile experiences.

IBM Tealeaf can also capture and preserve all digital customer interactions on websites or mobile applications in real-time. This makes it possible to visualize every customer interaction in detail so that businesses can understand users’ actions and how it impacts business results. Further, it can convert all customer data into executive level dashboards, scorecards and reports.

Tealeaf Consulting for Tealeaf Mobile, Cx Mobile and Monitoring Services

Royal Cyber can help e-businesses leverage IBM Tealeaf solutions to gain benefits such as:

  • Quick problem identification
  • Ability to prioritize problems to be fixed
  • Ability to optimize every customer visit and ensure that transactions are successfully completed
  • Real-time visibility into issues that impact customer behaviour and its effect on the business
  • Better customer service due to real-time access to online customer activity
  • The ability to preserve digital customer interactions and solve issues quickly

In addition, different teams within the company can use IBM Tealeaf. For instance, marketing teams can track search behavior as well as campaigns through coupon codes and landing URLs.

IT teams can identify IPs and patterns of attacks as well as schedule alerts for 4XX and 5XX codes. QA teams can use IBM Tealeaf to improve testing, monitoring and identifying user patterns.

Find out how Royal Cyber’s Tealeaf consultants can help you leverage IBM Tealeaf with customized solutions to optimize your online customer experience. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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