Leverage the Power of Voice Search in Your E-Commerce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Written by Shamshad Azam

Manager - Business Analyst at Royal Cyber

Automatic voice-controlled systems have transformed the way humans interact with a computer. Voice recognition systems let a user make a hands-free request to the computer, which in turn processes the request and provides assistance with apt responses. With years of research and developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, voice-controlled technologies have become efficient. They are extensively applied in domains to empower and improve human-to-computer and human-to-human interactions. E-commerce applications using web technologies provide interactive and user-friendly interfaces.


Voice recognition is used interchangeably with speech recognition; but voice recognition is the task of determining the uniqueness of a speaker rather than the content of the speaker’s speech. Speech recognition is a process of converting the phrases spoken by humans into signals to which a meaning is assigned by comparing the signals with sets of phonemic representations for a nearest match. This requires deep integration with many natural language processing (NLP) components. Speech recognition can be used in many applications and domains. It can remove any barriers to human-human interactions by helping people who speak different languages to be able to talk to one another without a human translator. It can be used in a messaging system to transliterate voice messages left by a caller into text that can be easily sent to the recipient through emails or instant messaging.

The outmoded methods of data entry (keyboard and mouse) washout the accessibility requirements to provision all types of users. Therefore, it is necessary to develop applications and systems with enhanced usability for all users. A Speech Recognition System (SRS) for e-commerce applications as a use case scenario.

How to prepare your E-commerce store for the Voice Searches?

“An average person can type only 37 to 44 words in a minute, while can speak 150 words in a minute”

E-commerce has changed the way the market used to work and has jumped in quickly upon the screens of customers. Going a step further by bringing in a voice-controlled search that is coming up as the next big thing for the modern era.

Devices and software like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby, and Cortana are just a few examples of some wonderful platforms that are extremely capable of handling tasks effectively. With just your voice, you can book a cab, make a phone call, send a message, play songs, and now partake in e-commerce trade.

These features are getting popular and are making way for a life founded on technology. “According to Think with Google, 72% of people who own voice-activated speakers say that these devices are used as part of their daily routine. “

Voice Shopping

Voice commerce allows consumers to search for a service or product by using voice commands. The idea is a function of many Speech-to-Text compatible devices, including Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. By enabling a way to continue business without any dependency on periphery hardware, like mouse and keyboard, these devices have unlocked businesses to increase their accessibility, visibility, and convenience.

Customer Retention

Data collected from previous searches can be used to personalize and improve user’s experience.


Businesses that have taken advantage of Speech-to-Text technologies are using it to boost their advertising.

Assistive Technology

More than convenience, voice-to-text assistive technology is a supportive tool for people with physical, sensory, cognitive, and learning impairments.


As humans speak considerably faster than they type, voice commerce is fast, easy, and fitting. Voice commands can be given while cleaning, cooking, or even while driving.

Voice Search Statistics

Let’s look into some statistics about voice-activated search.

Voice Search in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The voice search has transformed the way we perform search and it makes the purchase process faster. It enables us to be a leader in today's e-commerce era by making it easy for customers to search the site using their voice instantly. Customers can get what they are looking for with simple voice queries like "blue jeans" or "black shoes."

Intuitive Process

We have to click on the salesforce commerce cloud storefront search bar microphone icon and speak. The speech recognition API detects the keyword and redirects us to the search result page of the storefront. Clients can take advantage of faster, relevant, and personalized search experiences.

  • English language sites
  • Android devices
  • Apple Devices
  • Browsers support Speech Recognition


The voice search trends in 2020 suggest that artificial intelligence and technology is evolving every single day. Voice search makes life easier because it allows internet users to focus on more tasks at the same time. More than that, voice search speeds up ways to look for information, like asking Alexa or Siri is faster than typing a query on our smartphone. It is inevitable that voice will be the next big thing in the future, but the only question is, are you prepared to adapt to it?

Royal Cyber can help you embrace this change in your existing e-commerce platform. For more information, email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com


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