Quick & Seamless Magento Migration Experience?

Written by Vijaya Shanthi Katikitala

Business Analyst

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform that provides online merchants with flexible, responsive, and high-performance online stores. Royal Cyber’s Magento services include:

  • Magento Design: UX design team can build an impressive user interface that would improve the overall customer experience
  • B2B Ecommerce: Extensive experience handling various B2B engagements that will help clients meet all B2B requirements
  • Multi-Channel: Helps customers leverage Magento’s omnichannel experience
  • Audit & Optimization: Performs periodic audits to suggest various optimization
  • Integration: Providing a seamless experience to the customers by integrating Magento with third-party applications
  • Enhanced and Advanced Coding Architecture: Facilitates for the major enhancements on code quality. Developers can create flexible, scalable themes and write 100% clean and bug free codes. It has an improved XML-based configuration
  • Streamlined Checkout: Providing improved checkout that makes the checkout experience much more fluid. The simplified process allows quicker checkouts, making it quite easier for the customers to go from cart to completed order
  • More Extensive APIs: Offers many new and better APIs to create APP or integration with ERP or CRM
  • Improved Indexing: Transforms merchant data such as catalogue data, prices etc. by creating index tables and by keeping them updated to boost the query speed
  • Orders and Sales Legacy Data Migration: By providing easy transfer of data, there is no need to access old portal for historical data
  • Magento Development and Support: Strategic plan to help provide end-to-end development and support
  • Payment Configuration: Pre-packaged with all major payment options
  • Testing: Enables cross browser and cross device testing. Performs load test as well
  • PWA: Expanded support for headless commerce and Progressive Web Application (PWA) reach to shoppers on all digital touchpoints
  • New Payment Methods: BOPIS fulfillment and new payment options provide shoppers with more choices in the purchasing process
  • Faster Execution Time: Hassle-free re-ordering of large orders, faster page load even when there is high traffic, and adding configurable products to the cart is easier
  • Improved SEO: With the support of micro data, it is much easier for search engines to crawl the information about your products, making SEO support better than ever
  • Migration & Upgrades: Helps in migrating to Magento from the existing platform and supports Magento version upgrade

Royal Cyber’s Magento Offerings Include:

Marketplace Integration:

We provide Magento Marketplace Integration support with multiple marketing vendors such as Amazon, eBay etc. Integrating with Magento 2 extensions such as:

  • Smart One-Step Checkout

  • Layered Navigation

  • Store Credit and Refund

  • Omnichannel

  • Related Products View

  • Abandoned Cart Reminder

  • Store Locator

Migration Services:

We offer Magento 2.0 Migration Services, which include a voice-based approach and also integrating with Uber Rush to ensure order fulfillment even during the busiest hours. Magento 2.0 provides responsive and lightweight storefronts. Benefits of Royal Cyber’s Magento Migration services are:

  • Personalized Solutions

  • Safety and Security

  • Best Price

For Magento 2 Migration Services, we conduct a workshop with the client in order to showcase the benefits of the migration that would stimulate business cases for both B2B and B2C applications. The different phases of Royal Cyber’s Magento Migration Service are:

  • Custom Functionality Migration

  • Migrate Complete SEO

  • Data Migration

  • Design Migration

  • Deliver Fully Tested Magento 2.0 Store

Royal Cyber is adept in providing Magento Migration Services that provide fast and responsive online experiences that help businesses move their data from any prominent platform to Magento.

Additionally, Royal Cyber offers Magento Performance Tuning Services that would enhance the performance of the website and boost your business. We provide the best system performance so that the customers have a hassle-free experience. Based on customer purchasing behavior and digital analytics, we provide more customized and personalized services.

It is of paramount importance to provide the customers a positive experience throughout their purchasing journey, which is possible only through a perfect Order Management System. Our Magento OMS serves customers with robust features such as Omnichannel Order Management System so that the customers can interact via various screens. Also, Royal Cyber has helped multiple online retailers to resize their business from small to large with the Omnichannel Magento Order Management approach.

Quick & Seamless Magento Migration Experience?

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