Magento 2 Upgrade: Cost-Effective Implementation Services

Written by Vijaya Shanthi Katikitala

Business Analyst

Ecommerce platforms are evolving to meet the expectations of businesses and customers by enhancing their speed, performance, and security. Royal Cyber has proven expertise in ecommerce development, digital marketing, and performance optimization.

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform that is highly scalable and robust. Royal Cyber’s straightforward and hassle-free upgrade process helps businesses leverage best-in-class performance features and unparalleled security that the latest Magento version offer.

The new Magento version is cost-effective and enables businesses to take their online stores to the next level. With Magento Commerce Cloud, users can get additional features such as rapid development, continuous deployment, customizable environment, and more.

Magento 2 Features

  • Improved Performance: Magento 2 has superior site performance and refined loading speed, which helps handle an increased number of orders and interact with multiple customers. Quick page loading helps increase sales and leads to higher ranking conversion.
  • Enhanced Checkout System: Customer journey is made amicable with a more streamlined checkout process, where the guest users can checkout without registration, and registered customers are automatically identified based on their e-mail addresses.
  • Upgraded Add to Cart: Magento 2 offers the ‘ Ajax Add-to-Cart’ functionality that prevents the page from reloading every time a new product is added to it.
  • Enhanced Product Loads and Customization: With Magento 2, product loads have become much easier, and a step-by-step guide is provided to help admins. Apart from that, the users can also add product videos and photos, which make the product gallery more attractive and interactive for the customers. It provides for proficient customization.
  • Delivers Personalized Shopping Experience: The order placing process has been simplified, improving customer experience and providing tailored experiences.
  • User-Friendly Frontend: Magento 2 has been constructed with a frontend design, which provides better frontend capabilities, making it easier for the website to be browsed on all kinds of devices.
  • Easy Admin Panel: The admin interface has been simplified that even a first-timer will find it easy to navigate.
  • Rich Integration: It has enterprise-level integrations across a wide range of applications, systems, platforms, and third-party services. Helps to automate tasks by integrating CRM, ERP, or Saas Systems.
  • Robust and Scalable Infrastructure: Upgrading to Magento 2 ensures powerful and robust out-of-the-box business functionality, advanced capabilities, and a superior digital experience. Improved scalability and performance help you to grow your business faster.
  • Easier Version Upgrades: To remain up to date with technology, Magento releases version updates on a regular basis.
  • MVC Platform: Magento is a framework built on top of MVC architecture. The MVC architecture organizes the entire system’s process structure at the coding level making it flexible and extensible.
  • Well- Organized Interface: The intuitive and user-friendly interface helps in business development and efficient management.
  • Better Business Agility: The database system in Magento allows for constructive management of orders.
  • Flexible Architecture: Magento has a modular architecture and is more flexible and adaptable.
  • Automated Testing: Magento offers the options of unit testing, code testing, and load testing.
  • Layered Navigation: Layered navigation provides an inherent user experience in operating catalog filters.
  • Avalara Sales Tax Computation: Magento started using Avalara to manage sales tax compliance. This powerful combination helps manage tax calculation on your website, VAT and GST compliance, customer exemptions, tax return filing, and remittance. Avalara has a pre-built extension to Magento.

Process of Magento Upgrade Services

Magento 2 Migration Services with Magento 2 Upgrade Services

Core Database Migration:

Transferring store data is an important step of the migration process, which includes the transfer of promotions, products, customers, attributes,etc. Delta migration is used to ensure hassle-free transfer and Magento offers post-migration support.

Migrating Advanced SEO Settings:

Experienced SEO team helps in recreating advanced SEO settings. The advanced SEO Suite is a cost-effective way to perform SEO optimization correctly. It solves most of the well-known store-related SEO issues, adds new SEO features, and automates tedious manual tasks.

Theme Upgrade:

As the themes are not transferable, it builds customized and ready-to-apply as the theme’s look and feel is very important.

Extensions Upgrade:

It helps to leverage the benefits of the up-to-date modules that rank in terms of features and compatibility.

When Magento 2 Upgrade Service is performed, Magento store can deliver:

  • Optimize page loading

  • Engaging user experience

  • Better conversion rate

  • Secured payment gateway

  • Modernized checkout process

  • In-depth analysis of store

  • Reduction cart abandonment

  • Minimal extension integration time

Royal Cyber’s Magento Upgrade Services give you unmatched agility and flexibility across all the touchpoints. We provide hassle-free service helping you to upgrade your ecommerce store to the latest version of Magento.

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