Generate More Revenue through AI-powered Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform

Salesforce offers the complete customer journey across all major functions - commerce, sales, marketing, customer service, and more. By connecting Commerce Cloud with other Salesforce clouds, we can power the full customer lifecycle from awareness & acquisition to purchase and fulfillment to advocacy and retention.

Turn Sales Team into Trusted Customer Advisors

Put Customer Data at your Fingertips

Equip sales team with mobile access to all customer data which consist of buying history, outstanding orders, service issues, and notes from other teams in a single view.

Free Sales Teams to do more

Provide business customers self-service, mobile, and automated options for routine commerce interactions, freeing the sales teams from the “order-taking” burden.

Build a Smarter Sales Team

Give the sales team access to the data, analytics, and AI-powered insights they need to craft more personalized, insightful solutions for their customers.

Provide Superior Service with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform

Synchronize Customer Data

Allow agents with real-time customer profile, order, and purchasing data updated across Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud.

Engage where Customers are Interested

Drive conversations with the customer on their desired channel - mobile, social media, or through chat services.

Order on Behalf of Customers

Turn service engagements into cross-sell and upsell opportunities that can be fulfilled by either agent or customer.

Make it Personal

With AI inculcated across Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, we can tailor every service interaction, resulting in higher Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and repeat business.

Create Repeat Business and Brand Loyalty by Truly Knowing the Customers

Personalize Email Campaigns

Personalize interaction based on past purchases with automated emails based on account creation, order confirmation, password reset etc.

Follow-up on Lost Sales

Recapture revenue with automated emails based on the abandoned cart, and build segments based on the past purchases.

Halt Flooding Inboxes

Send relevant emails based on a single, integrated view of customers, catalogs, content, and orders.

Make Customer Data Work Harder for Us

Take Advantage of Transactional Segmentation.

Use data management platform (DMP) tagging to understand the purchasing behavior, and segment audiences in a number of modalities, including SKU-based, price-based, or category-based.


Recognize and engage with site visitors and shopping cart abandoners using meaningful retargeting campaigns based on intelligent commerce insights.

Royal Cyber

Royal Cyber has a dedicated Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform team to help you in all aspects, whether it’s B2B or B2C. Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud certified consultants know what is needed to take advantage of the platform fully.

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