commercetools Acquires Frontastic – A Leading Composable Frontend Platform

Written by Jeethu Augustine

Technical Content Writer

commercetools is the world’s leading digital commerce platform. Hailed as the pioneers of headless commerce, it is a cloud-based platform that provides APIs to power e-commerce. It allows you to create powerful, highly customized shopping experiences.

Frontastic is a leading composable frontend platform. It empowers retailers to build amazing ecommerce sites with its API hub that has standard integrations for headless services. It has a creation and delivery layer for headless CMS and commerce solutions enabling faster and easier development.

With its frontend-as-a-service, Frontastic delivers a Progressive Web App (PWA) that will enable businesses to provide its users engaging frontend experiences across all touchpoints. The Frontend Editor, with its drag, drop, and configure elements, enables the business to publish and maintain pages without any coding. Most importantly, Frontastic ensures flexibility, autonomy, and faster time to market.

Our acquisition of Frontastic allows mid-size customers to use our product, with an experience that offers the time to market of an “all-in-a-box” solution, while also providing a full MACH-based platform that’s also composable. Also, adding Frontastic to our portfolio allows larger enterprises to quickly deploy us for smaller countries, lines of business, etc, but still have the freedom to build their flagship .com. For example, many of our larger retailers have an outlet brand or specific frontends for Canada. With our acquisition of Frontastic, the most flexible commerce platform can also be the easiest to use.”

Dirk Hoerig and Denis Werner, Founders of commercetools

Frontastic will be the perfect “head” for headless commerce. The important features of Frontastic are:

  • API Hub: Connects Frontastic components with back-end data. Frontastic can be extended to connect to any headless service, including commerce, content, search.
  • Developer Tooling: Frontastic starter components has the most common commerce use cases. It has a built-in workflow for developing Frontastic components, which enable you to build a commerce site with design components that are reusable.
  • Frontastic Studio: A visual UI for business users with six elements
  • Site Builder: Customizable building blocks that allow editing content, configuring data sources, and publishing changes
  • Live Preview: Real-time preview to see any updates made on the Frontastic studio
  • SEO Tooling: Has easy-to-use fields, adjustable tags, helping to optimize the commerce site for SEO
  • Localization: Multilingual capabilities, expanding your market potential
  • Template Builder: Create page templates or component groups to reuse when building pages
  • Project Setting: Frontastic studio allows you to manage the users in your team, project settings, media, and much more
  • Frontend Delivery: SaaS-based delivery of the Progressive Web App (PWA), takes care of hosting and DevOps, and has logging and monitoring to measure the performance of applications.

commercetools has acquired Frontastic as part of their plans to adopt a larger portfolio-based strategy. The future of commerce will be increasingly commoditized and available in granular composable pieces. Composable commerce allows to mix and match different components from different vendors easily. Transactional commerce sites with compound data and process structures, high traffic, and turnover will hugely benefit from integrating commercetools with Frontastic.

commercetools is helping retailers migrate to modern commerce technology and enabling them to build unique experiences. RoyalCyber is a commercetools solutions partner and has been helping businesses to remain competitive in the market. Contact Us to learn how we can help.

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