Globalize your Brand with BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront

Written by Pooja Naik

Senior Business Analyst

Nowadays majority of eCommerce businesses are looking to adopt a single storefront to be able to manage all their customers at once. Many mid-market and enterprise segment merchants face challenges while offering such experiences to their customers. Below are some of the most common questions businesses have while trying to provide a single store experience:

  • Can we have single point of truth if the products are coming, and the revenue is being generating from same place?
  • Do we have different product types, and is it possible to show only the relevant products to customers based on their area of interest?
  • Do we have multiple potential customers and audiences globally? If yes, can each customer be targeted separately?
  • Does my current website cater to all regions in world?
  • Can we get a currency and language specific website to help increase leads and ultimately increase the sales and ROI?

The answer and solution to all the above questions is adopting eCommerce multi store platform.

What is a Multi-Storefront?

Multi-storefront is having one single admin platform that allows merchants to run and manage multiple brands within the same ownership and platform. It allows one to manage all business models such as B2C, B2B, B2B2C etc. all from a single eCommerce platform. It provides leverage to expand business to multiple locations by allowing to display location specific products, currency, language, pricing and much more. Multi-storefront marks a major milestone for most complex use cases, product enrichments and helps merchants to grow their brand, business, and geographical reach.

Benefits of a Multi-Storefront Platform

  • Target the audience based on specific customer types
  • Improve digital marketing strategies through personalization
  • Conduct marketing and promotions based on the marketplace, region, and storefront
  • All storefronts can be powered by BigCommerce’s native stencil theme framework or by a third-party headless front-end such as Next.js, Bloomreach, and WordPress
  • Cost effective and scalable with single code and database
  • Run multiple brands and websites at the same time
  • Manage multiple locales, currencies, brands, product types all under one roof
  • Cater to multiple types of customer groups

How BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront Solution can help Business professionals

BigCommerce is one of the fastest growing SaaS based eCommerce platform that has recently launched the Multi-Store solution. It helps business professionals to sell digital and physical products along with providing a wide array of different services to its customers. This feature also allows merchants to create and manage stores within a single BigCommerce instance, thereby reducing the operational costs and improving customer reach.

Image Courtesy: BigCommerce

Key Features of BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront Solution

  • BigCommerce Open API architecture helps to manage settings and configurations for BigCommerce hosted online stores and headless storefronts.
  • Set up multiple unique storefronts with separate domains and SSL certificates.
  • Create and configure multiple BigCommerce native or headless storefronts within a single admin control panel and make the products available with one or multiple storefronts.
  • Get access to maximum of 5 BigCommerce Stencil storefronts or a maximum of 15 Headless third-party storefronts and 1 Stencil storefront.
  • Create and control each storefront’s customer login differently.
  • Personalize each storefront using different themes, widgets, scripts, social links, pages, transactional emails, and newsletter subscribers.
  • Enable, disable, or customize different transactional emails and abandoned cart notifications.
  • Manage unique categories, relevant products, currencies, languages, orders, promotions, discounts URLs and much more for each storefront.
  • Create custom pricing, customer groups, product filtering options, custom templates for each storefront.
  • Make any of the storefronts active or inactive at any point of time.
  • Set up analytics insights for multiple storefronts.
  • Get instant reports for each of the storefront sales from the native or headless storefront channel.

How Royal Cyber can help Implement BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront Solution

Royal Cyber is a Premium BigCommerce Partner that can help businesses overcome complexities in their eCommerce ecosystems by designing and developing custom B2B and B2C BigCommerce apps for today’s era of eCommerce.

With BigCommerce certified developers and functional architects, Royal Cyber can help businesses owners create multiple stores of their choice – Native or Headless with seamless web and theme integrations, customizations, attractive user experiences for both desktop and mobile and with easy integration of Payment Gateways and Shipping for each storefront and many more features that are useful to setup multi-storefronts.

Contact us so you can avail of our industrial and project experience in program governance, risk management, storefront analytics, and project schedules to help your business expand internationally.

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