BigCommerce’s Feedonomics Solutions for a Modern eCommerce Era

Written by Shraddha Vikas Naik

Junior Business Analyst

Optimizing data feed across all channels is crucial for businesses, especially those in the digital commerce space, to flourish and imprint their impact in a competitive market. Fetching data from relevant websites and mapping product data optimally to various marketing channel formats is the first and foremost step towards augmented and integrated product listing. It requires an optimized and structured data feed to map and align it with how users search for specific products on various marketing channels.


Feedonomics is a data feed management platform that lists products and services on 160+ online marketplaces, including Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Instagram, and others. It offers dedicated customer support, automated product listing, and order management. It also optimizes the inventory catalog information to boost SEO relevance and conversion rates. As a result, merchants can increase omnichannel sales and investment in ad networks by leveraging product data across various channels.

BigCommerce’s Feedonomics solution works by importing the retailer's raw product data into a shared repository or database. The data is then transformed into a well-organized product feed for usage on any online shopping channel, a true multichannel approach for an integrated online shopping experience. This is possible by using flexible processing power to reformat and optimize the data to ensure it works seamlessly with all the platforms.

Feedonomics is isonomic for optimizing data feeds and is undoubtedly the industry's choice when looking across the entirety of channels, particularly if one is looking to anchor on Google and all the other channels that use its schema. The customer churn and sentiment analysis are driven by multichannel feeds, consolidating and optimizing the collected, collated, and consumed data. This further helps in strategizing the conversion rate, marketing, and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Feedonomics

The major benefits of Feedonomics include:

BigCommerce’s Feedonomics Solutions for a Modern eCommerce Era

Quick Uptake for Faster Turn-Around Time and Go-To-Market

BigCommerce’s Feedonomics Solutions for a Modern eCommerce Era


BigCommerce’s Feedonomics Solutions for a Modern eCommerce Era


BigCommerce’s Feedonomics Solutions for a Modern eCommerce Era


BigCommerce’s Feedonomics Solutions for a Modern eCommerce Era

Easy of Automation

Additionally, it offers the ability to instantly import a wide range of products from various sources while converging multiple data sources for analysis & performance metrics. Users can conduct A/B testing on any attribute to map, monitor, analyze, & report the best possible probability to discover which attribute will perform the best.

Services Offered by Feedonomics

  1. Feed Management & Optimization

Feedonomics assists with Feed Optimization, an important segment for businesses. This feed management tool uses transformers to increase the relevancy of product data and Optimization is achieved at the time of onboarding using Feedonomics.

  1. Standard Full-Service Feed Management

Standard Full-service Feed Management offers 24/7 response to the clients. For urgent requests, the response is delivered in an hour, and for standard requests, the response is delivered in three hours.

  1. Enterprise Feed Management

Enterprise Feed Management is one of the premier levels of services offered by Feedonomics. It includes all the features of Standard services along with the additional services highlighted below:

  • Implementation of A/B Testing in Feeds

  • Monthly Calls

  • Proactive Feed Review

  1. FeedAMP™

FeedAMP™ stands for Automated Marketplaces and offers marketplace solutions to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Tracks order numbers and information and updates the same

  • Lists products on various marketplaces

  • Dynamically pulls orders from marketplaces

  • Delivers orders to a client's eCommerce platform

  1. FeedTelligence™

FeedTelligence™ provides insightful reports on product feeds and automatically compares the client's Google Shopping feed with the actual converted search using the client's product feed and Google Analytics account.

  1. Local Inventory Ads Feed

Local Inventory Ads include different types of advertisements that assist retailers in showcasing their products and store information to customers in the vicinity of those looking for the products.

  1. Additional Services

Feedonomics provides additional services that cater to client needs, they include:

  • Crawling Service:Feedonomics offers an in-house crawling solution that helps customers build a customized feed by extracting data from product landing pages.
  • GTIN Finder: This solution is used only when there is no feasible substitute for obtaining valid GTINs for products in the feed. Feedonomics has subscribed to a universal database of GTINs that execute lookups.
  • Image Padding: This service is used for altering clients’ image display issues with various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Royal Cyber offers BigCommerce Feedonomics services for Field Mapping, Brand Mapping, Image Mapping, and Colour Mapping that help to reduce hours of manual work and bring about an ease-of-use factor to the fore. Our certified BigCommerce experts are experienced in managing all the services offered by Feedonomics and can help to optimize all types of product feeds for a Digital Commerce business.

Businesses can maximize their presence and gain exposure on any marketplace with the help of Feednomics. List, optimize, and syndicate product data across all online channels for an enhanced product discovery, thereby increasing sales and conversions. Contact us to learn how we can help you reap these business benefits.

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