The Future of E-Commerce Product Visualization

Written by Pooja Naik

Senior Business Analyst

The pandemic has resulted in 28% of people preferring to shop online. This has compelled business to implement a digital approach, significantly prompting the adoption of "Augmented Reality and 3D customization" technologies. To provide unique customer experiences and increase user engagement, it is essential that visualization of e-commerce products is at its most advanced level when it comes to buying products online. The two key factors driving the current tech innovation in e-commerce are Augmented Reality and 3D customization. The e-commerce industry is predicted to continue to grow beyond the pandemic, only cementing the scope for AR and 3D.

When it comes to online shopping, product images are one of the most important factors consumers consider while purchasing products. The return rate of a product bought online is more than twice as compared to a product purchased in a brick-and-mortar shop. Nowadays, customers are ready to pay more for a product if they visually see it beforehand and are convinced of its shape, colour, dimension, and many other vital aspects.

Digital commerce and visualization are increasingly becoming popular. Many industries are adopting Augmented Reality over standard visualization and looking to provide a seamless UX experience. Recent times have proven that Augmented Reality is more fitting when trying a product upfront in one's own space.

The Pandemic Accelerated the Shift to Online - Order Volumes Doubled

Source: SAP Commerce Cloud Customer Order Volumes - 2020 Vs. 2019

While many businesses and brands have started opting for 3D visualization strategies for their products, only 1% of brands currently use Augmented Reality due to cost and time constraints. The reason for this is because most businesses are not comfortable experimenting with new concepts. The question then arises, why not opt for a 3D and Augmented Reality experience when customers are willing to pay more, and the conversion rate is higher?

Implement Product Visualization Strategies

With Royal Cyber's in-house 3D customization and Augmented Reality solutions, our experts can guide you at every step of the way and leverage the best practices to conduct a seamless execution. Businesses can opt for an individual or combined solution based on the requirements.

Royal Cyber's Product 360 Configure

Royal Cyber's 3D solution, Product 360 Configure perfectly fits all customization and personalization needs. We work with businesses from most industries, including retail stores, apparel, sportswear, furniture, appliances, to even construction and manufacturing.

The 3D Customization Process

Begin the journey with four simple steps:

  • Upload – Product 360 Configure accepts images from different formats. To build 3D images from scratch, representative photos from multiple angles and the materials, textures, and styles are needed.
  • Render – Using V-Ray, a globally recognized visualization tool, the 3D team can create up to 50K objects in a week.
  • Configure – Create the end-product by adding product attributes and values with images for configuration. The solution will then create perfect visuals customized with the inputs provided.
  • Approve & Publish – The workflow administration allows approval or rejection of the 3D objects. Using the feedback and suggestions provided, the solution enables improvisation of the objects, ensuring that only customer satisfied products are published. Gain insights on how the product and features work with the grid view.

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Royal Cyber's Augmented Reality

Create experiences for customers enabling them to try out a product before buying it with Royal Cyber's Augmented Reality visualization solution. To cater to more industries, the Augmented Reality solution supports both web-native and mobile platforms. The solution is also equipped with in-house features such as virtual try-ons for eyewear and headwear and home products such as furniture, flooring, wall paints, and much more. Some of Royal Cyber's Augmented Reality key features include:

  • Try before Buy – With the ability to try out products in one's own space before buying, this feature provides a virtual real-time shopping experience.
  • Configurable AR – Combine 3D customization solution with Augmented Reality to create a customized product in real-time.
  • Web and Mobile AR – Gain access to both a web-based and mobile-based Augmented Reality solution.

Transform Augmented Reality with Face AR and Space AR Experiences

The most popular Augmented Reality features to have taken over the online shopping experience are Face Augmented Reality and Space Augmented Reality.

"Face AR" is a new and exciting way for brands to attract customers to communicate and create personal experiences. They range from virtual try-ons, virtual makeovers, face filters, face touch-ups, and much more. Try out Royal Cyber's Face Augmented Reality solutions like:

  • Eyewear AR

  • Headwear AR

  • Makeup and Cosmetics AR

  • Sportswear AR

As the name suggests, "Space AR" adds a digital overlay on the physical world that enables one to imagine and visualize any product in real-time. Royal Cyber provides different Space Augmented Reality solutions like:

  • Furniture AR

  • Flooring AR

  • Wall paint AR

  • Education AR

Future of Augmented Reality

Expected revenue by industry by 2025

The Future of Product Visualization

Even as the economy reopens, several consumers are hesitant to return to physical shopping stores creating a primary concern for industries such as clothing, accessories, headwear, footwear, household goods, and many others. When consumers are provided with the option to try and visualize products in the comfort of their homes, it enables them to understand the importance of product visualization and empowers them to make informed purchasing decisions. This only highlights the demand and importance of online shopping, resulting in the growth of the e-commerce industry.

At Royal Cyber, we are excited to create and deliver product visualization experiences. With our Product 360 Configure and Augmented Reality solutions, e-commerce businesses can build brands, drive demand, and facilitate outreach. Contact us and let us help you deliver exceptionally unique experiences to your customers so you, too, can benefit from the growing e-commerce industry.

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