Functional Testing with Robotic Process Automation

Written by Harini Krish

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Getting to Know About this Powerful Tool RPA

RPA or Robotic Process Automation allows robots to capture data, run applications, make decisions based on predefined rules, trigger responses, and communicate with other systems. RPA mainly targets processes that are highly manual, repetitive, rule-based, and with low exceptions rate.

Robotic Process Automation is the technology that empowers computer software to integrate actions performed by humans interacting with digital systems.

  • Robotic: Entities that mimic human actions are called Robots.
  • Process: Sequence of steps that lead to a meaningful activity. For example, the process of application login and logout.
  • Automation: Any process done by a robot needless of human intervention.

If we recap all the terms together, then, mimicking human actions to accomplish a sequence of steps that lead to a meaningful activity, without any human intervention is known as Robotic Process Automation.

RPA - The leading Automation Technologies

As we know that in RPA, we use software bots to automate highly repetitive and routine tasks normally performed by employees. By automating repetitive tasks saves time and money. RPA can accelerate time to value and reduce human error.

AI, Artificial Intelligence that comes into the picture with a combination of RPA, which makes bots more efficient and easier to take decisions to automate any application.

Best Tool to work on RPA project (as per the current market)

There are a lot of tools available in the market like UiPath, Another Monday, Automation Anywhere, Kofax, Work Fusion, etc. We are considering top tolls in the below comparison table.

UiPathAutomation AnywhereBlue Prism
No programming knowledge requiredNo programming knowledge requiredIt provides functionality that allows the user to write code, but users can manage without it
Has Community Edition / Free EditionRecently launched a Community EditionHas recently launched a free edition
Has free online training and certification programsRecently launched a certification of 50$.Provides official certification program
Has free online training and certification programsRecently launched a certification of 50$.Provides official certification program
Provides desktop, web and Citrix automationReasonable across all mediumsDesigned for Citrix automation for BPO
Most Popular ToolLess Popular than othersPopular than Automation Anywhere

Testing RPA Bot or Application

In the testing/QA phase of the RPA lifecycle, the developed bot is tested either by the Testing team or the Development team. The bot is tested in the pre-production environment to test how it can be used to automate specific tasks. Once the testing is successful, it moves to the next stage. But then, if the testing fails, the bot goes to the Development Phase, where the errors found are fixed and are tested again. Once your bot is successfully tested, the next stage is the Deployment Phase.

Top Differences Between RPA and Functional Automation Tool

Real Time POC's that are available on RPA Based Testing

Projects that are available for POC’s

a) Web Scraping

b) Data Migration & Entry

c) Email Query Processing

d) Invoice Processing

e) Customer Support Emails

i Web Scraping
Web scraping is an application of Robotic Process Automation, which is used in almost all the industries. The problem with performing web scraping manually is prone to errors and is time consuming. Also, the data present on the websites is not static, as it gets updated often. So, the data that is stored might not always be accurate.

ii Data Migration & Entry
In all organizations, legacy systems do important functions every day. These systems have dependency issues to pull the required data from APIs. You cannot migrate or even enter the data manually, as there is a huge amount of data generated daily. It is not only tedious but is also error-prone and is time consuming. You can automate this task with RPA.

iii Email Query Processing
Thousands of emails get generated every day, which needs to be separated out, to ensure that suitable replies are sent to all the senders in an organization. The problem is that the manual staff will not be able to segregate every mail as a huge amount of emails get generated daily. On the other side, it is a tiresome job and cannot be done by a single employee. So, organizations can simply automate this task.

iv Invoice Processing
From multi-national companies to small start-ups, all of them have to deal with thousands of invoices every single day. It is almost next to impossible to excerpt data from the invoices and store them without errors in less time. So, automation can be used in these scenarios.

v Customer Support Emails
A support team must deal with an enormous amount of tickets generated daily in any organization. These tickets could be raised on several issues. Now, each of these tickets must be replied immediately to sustain a good client relationship. An employee cannot reply to all those emails manually single-handily every day. This would be quite monotonous and will cost a lot of money. Instead, you can choose automation.

Royal Cyber’s Approach towards RPA

Royal Cyber is one of the key participants in the Automation platform that helps transform your digital operations and put content to work across multiple activities for complex decision making. Royer Cyber has rich expertise in RPA based development, testing, and offering Bot Solutions. We provide at most attention to security, risk, designing, and Architecture of all RPA Products with well-experienced developers, QA Techniques, and testing types.

For more information on how Royal Cyber can assist in Applying RPA & AI in your environment, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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