Royal Cyber Value Addition in Test Automation with LogiGear

LogiGear, a world leader in software testing solutions, is expanding its Partner Reseller Program by becoming strategic partners with Royal Cyber. LogiGear's Partner Reseller Programs’ goal is to expand the reach of its services and solutions, including TestArchitect, its proprietary test automation platform.

TestArchitect is a test automation tool that centers on test automation coverage & productivity by using a smaller programming team to support a much larger non-programming team. The primary concept of TestArchitect is that actions are keywords on steroids that let you design and automate business readable tests all in one step. Better yet, you can execute the same set of tests across multiple platforms without the duplication of platform-specific tests.

Test Automation Throughput Productivity Tool

TestArchitect focuses on optimizing test coverage throughout teams by using a smaller programming staff to support a much larger non-programming staff.


Why TestArchitect Is Different?

TestArchitect Automation Platform Supports

Cross-browser Testing

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, On Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS

API Testing


Mobile Testing

Native, Hybrid and Web Apps

Image-Based Testing

Citrix Testing, OCR

About LogiGear

LogiGear Corporation provides leading-edge software testing technologies and expertise, along with software development services that enable companies to accelerate business growth while also having confidence in the software they deliver.

Royal Cyber & LogiGear

Royal Cyber in accordance with this strategic partnership will deliver excellence in automation testing. Real-time testing of software systems is often overlooked by firms that rush to go live and conserve their budget. Royal Cyber’s test automation services reduce the need for manual testing and accelerate regression testing, therefore saving time and reducing associated costs.

Royal Cyber is a pioneer of providing test automation services. Using pre-built test automation scripts, process assets, utilities, and frameworks, we enable organizations to take a structured view to enterprise automation and reap maximum ROI.

With extensive experience implementing testing projects for various industries globally, we bring with us:

  • Independent testing services and domain competency

  • Industry-specific Centers of Excellence (CoE)

  • Ready-to-use point solutions and frameworks with practice groups

  • Strategic alliances and dedicated CoEs with latest and leading test tools vendors

  • End-to-end testing services, irrespective of any industry vertical

  • Global delivery model of onsite, offshore, and remote testing

  • Total Quality Management

  • Six Sigma quality process

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By Nabeel Ahmed

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