RPA in Energy and Utilities Industry

Written by Atta Hussain

Developer RPA

The energy and utility sector is one of the significant customer-centric industries in this digital era. Modern society depends on power, gas, water, and waste management daily. With the rise in population, energy demand also increases, and providing the best customer service and the need for digitization is no longer a choice.

Why RPA with Royal Cyber?

In many Energy & utility industries working in shifts is a norm. Sometimes the management of changes can be a problem even in large sectors like Energy & Utilities while ensuring there is no human error. Royal Cyber’s RPA can overcome issues like these as long as the process is rule based.

Our RPA not only reduces human errors while repetitive tasks but will work 24/7 and 365 days without taking a break. Our tool is suitable for such processes that require immediate attention. It works faster than humans doing the same task, which means it can provide higher turnarounds. Our intelligent RPA will save up to 60% of your time and takes faster decisions based on rules.

Furthermore, with Royal Cyber’s RPA, you can overcome disruption and changes more efficiently. Recently COVID-19 showed us how fragile our working model is. Still, it also makes us realize that adaptation to change is as essential as having a robust working model in our environment. With RPA will take care to automate many processes that work freely and without any human intervention. If any change is required, you can tackle it with minimal effort.

RPA Use Cases in Energy & Utilities

We are fortunate enough to state some of our use cases of the Energy & Utilities sector:

Meter Reading Validation

Meter reading is crucial for billing in the Energy & Utilities sector; wrong billing and mistakes can cause distrust between an organization and its customers. Our seamless RPA will reduce the time of validation and error. Furthermore, in case of error detection, the bot can flag the reading and send it for the manual process; this can also reduce workload and increase employee morale of meter reading validators.

Billing and Statements

Many processes like bill generation/billing invoices, cash process, sending billing data to banks, or sending bills to third-party print vendors can be automated. Through Royal Cyber, you can sit back and relax while our RPA delivers fast bill generation, on-time delivery of data, and better reconciliation across different processes.

Payment Reversal/Adjustment Claims

Many customers face issues with wrong payment amounts or invalid data due to third-party intermediaries for bill payments. The customer then claims for incorrect entry, which can be verified by the business strategy or claims team and sent to the operations team for reversal/adjustment in the record. Again, our RPA can resolve issues exponentially.

Complaints Management

With the help of Royal Cyber’s RPA and chatbots+AI, one can reduce complaints resolution with an automated response. If any case needs human intervention, we can route it to the customer center for further action.

Risk Assessment

One of the top utility service companies in the UK uses RPA for different processes. One of those processes includes risk assessment for their largest customer. Our methodology gathers all the data from various sources, looks at the other aspects of risks, creates a tailored report for individuals, and distributes them to relevant managers to plan the schedule and jobs. Furthermore, they use Royal Cyber’s RPA to prepare data and enter it into their e-commerce systems. It ensures data accuracy.

Download our success stories to know more about our strategic delivery for finance, procurement, HR, and insurance departments. Royal Cyber’s RPA will transform an organization into a more digital workplace with on-time strategic delivery.


They estimate that the Energy & Utilities sector can save between $237 billion to $813 billion from intelligent automation at scale. Moreover, it is on its way to considerable adopting AI solutions. In 2017, only 28% had a few or multiple AI use cases, which significantly rose to 52% by 2019.

Our use cases primarily aim at the core competencies. According to the Gartner report 2020, the Revenue from Software Robotic Process Automation will reach $1.89 Billion in 2021, and it will continue to grow at double-digit rates through 2024.

So, implementing Royal Cyber’s RPA saves costs or increases customer satisfaction and employee morale. In addition, it will help you grow much faster as an organization and prepare for unforeseen events. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com.

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