How to Simplify RPA with Royal Cyber

Written by Tasmia Sayeeda

Software Engineer

Why Royal Cyber’s Automation?

Mundane work isn't always beneficial, especially if you do something more meaningful. However, many of us must execute repeated tasks to get through our workday. There are a variety of reasons how Royal Cyber can help automate simple processes. It is time-consuming, prone to errors (user retypes the information and risk typos, for example, any mistakes made are a rework or loss of business), mundane. Royal Cyber suggests that Robotic Process Automation–RPA–can eliminate these. It frees us from the everyday activities that keep us from doing more valuable work.

You can simplify the following processes through Royal Cyber's RPA:

  • Predictive Analysis: Standardized methods and decision-making based on predictive rules.
  • Repetitive tasks: Our seamless RPA will manage high transaction volume, routine processes that we regularly execute (daily or weekly).
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Facilitating documented, consistent, and predictable operational costs.
  • Fixed Methodology: Avoid automating processes in systems that undergo fundamental changes to interface or configuration in the short term.
  • Low Exception: Low variation possibilities in activities that could cause different procedures to reconnect.
  • Intelligent Automation: Our powerful RPA will combat fraudulent activities like a pro!

    Back-office operations in finance and accounting, HR, IT, front-office processes, customer onboarding, and support are typically appropriate for automation. For example, you may generate reports based on data from several systems once a week, monthly, or whenever you need them by deploying RPA.

    Get expert advice to simplify the following processes:

    • Employee Onboarding: Our RPA might be your ideal solution for ensuring that they onboard every employee under the established procedure and get all necessary information to comply with company policies.

    • Employee Termination: It automates exit coordination and captures various data changes, security permissions, ERP, and hardware reclamations processes.

    • Greeting emails from HR: Royal Cyber's RPA will automate general HR emails like yearly holiday calendar, push notifications, new year, or company-related emails with attachments to the new employee.

    • Chatbot: A chatbot that can have a specific set of questions and respective answers and provide links if necessary so that it helps get the queries resolved immediately with this help. Our RPA is just around the corner.

    • Sales Orders: Software robots could effectively conduct end-to-end operational sales activities, automating tasks like sales order entry, invoicing through our RPA. Our seamless RPA provides a clean database, improves the client experience, and increases your sales staff's satisfaction.

    • Transcript request and processing: Schools can automate the processes of the entire transcript request at the end of every semester or an academic year.

    • Invoice Processing: Our RPA can automatically handle invoices upon receipt, whether they arrive electronically or in paper formats.

    How Royal Cyber will implement RPA?

    Royal Cyber’s RPA assessment offers a free assessment to review the processes executed and evaluate the feasibility of being automated based on a number of processes attributes relevant to the automation. Are you interested to know more about this? Click here to Sign Up for a Free Assessment.

    Royal Cyber can integrate RPA + AI tools with your applications. One option is to connect databases and enterprise web services. Fully automated processes are quintessential for seamless business operations. Another way is to use desktop connectors, which can take many shapes. Our RPA can also directly connect the Front-end RPA connectors with desktop programs. For instance, our RPA can use the interfaces of programs to complete its tasks. It could imply that bots have access to the same screens and follow the same procedures as humans.

    Read our success story to know how RPA improved the efficiency of this Leading Integrated Communications Company.

    Our RPA Tools

    For you to understand how to simplify automation with Royal Cyber, our SMEs suggest considering the following four parameters while choosing your RPA tool:

    • AI: A built-in AI that supports imitating humans.
    • Data: The ability to read and write company data into many systems is simple.
    • Interoperability: Tools should be able to work with a variety of applications.
    • Type of Tasks: Configuration of rules-based or knowledge-based processes is simple.
    • Blue Prism
    • Automation Anywhere
    • UiPath

    Read our success story to know how RPA improved the efficiency of this Leading Printing Company

    About the client: The client is an American Printing company and is a provider of marketing and business communications, commercial printing, and other related services.

    Challenge: The client’s one part of the requirement was to send emails to a list of buyers with the related information.

    Solution: Royal Cyber team integration helped the representatives access the AS400 machine, log into it, fetch each job number from the excel sheet provided, perform the calculations, process the jobs, and prepare a list of buyer’s emails, sort them and compose the email with respective data in a tabular format and send emails to all the buyers available in the list.

    This is one such example with the day-to-day issues of sending emails to each buyer can be so much time-consuming and a repeated task that can be automated with the help of RPA.


    As a result, Royal Cyber's RPA will save your time, deliver better quality (because of fewer errors), increase customer satisfaction, and will have a greater focus on value. Furthermore, our RPA will boost throughput and mortgage origination automation at a low cost. In addition, employees can spend more time on complex and problem-solving by simplifying RPA with Royal Cyber. For more information, visit and email us at [email protected]

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