What’s new in WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager

IBM WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager enable businesses to build and manage web portals. Gartner Research has ranked IBM WebSphere Portal as a leader in the portal software market.

As essential components in numerous IBM Digital Experience offerings, WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager allow your customers a single point of access to a range of services and applications.

With the digital experience suite, IBM aimed to help businesses deliver an unmatched digital experience along with social connectivity. WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager help deliver personalized experiences for each user with better scalability and security for applications. The software suite also enables greater flexibility to deploy new offerings quickly and efficiently.

IBM WebSphere Portal Solutions

The latest version i.e. WebSphere Portal Version 8.5 is a key release that includes upgrades, fixes and new features. It provides several new additions such as vital social services from IBM Connections, better content syndication and cross version syndication. It also offers managed pages, theme profiles, tagging and rating as well as a single sign on for social networking sites.

In addition, it now offers:

  • Improved themes
  • Easily accessible shelf toolbar
  • Easy portlet creation
  • Simple upgrade from older versions
  • Mobile simulator to preview content
  • Seamless data integration
  • Search updates
  • Social rendering

The product is also available in different product editions for both small to mid-size businesses of up to 1000 users as well as for larger companies. This includes Digital Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal Server and Web Content Manager, and WebSphere Portal Express.

Custom WebSphere Portal services, architecture and portal administration solutions

Royal Cyber can help businesses gain significant benefits by enabling greater visitor response while cutting down web operations costs at the same time.

IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 provides:

  • New improvements for administrators such as syndication troubleshooting tools and staging-to-production tools
  • Improved capabilities for developers such as theme optimization analyzer and simple modules
  • Advanced functionalities for content authors to enable quick and easy content creation

Find out how IBM and Royal Cyber can help you create custom WebSphere Portal solutions that are tailored to your business’ needs. Contact us for a complimentary five-hour consultation.

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