What’s New in SharePoint 2019?

For most of the enterprises and employees, organizing, sharing and following up is a constant headache. Microsoft SharePoint is one tool which makes it easy to organize, share and manage documents as well as streamline business processes.

If you spend time around the Microsoft ecosystem, you would think that the entire world is already running cloud software and that on-premise deployments are a legacy scenario. The fact is that many organizations are still running on-premise environments and running software locally and this is a reality that Microsoft cannot ignore.

SharePoint has always been a great collaboration platform, empowering people to work together on files, lists and libraries. However, many customers have complained that it was not a good option for their intranet, because they were not able to easily or efficiently build the sites they wanted or an engaging landing site for the company.

Microsoft’s latest release, SharePoint 2019, intends to improve the SharePoint experience for on-premise and hybrid users. Clearly, SharePoint 2019 has a lot of new features and functionality to offer.

Bearing in mind the demand of Microsoft SharePoint on-premise version from different customers, the new release of SharePoint 2019 is also targeted to on-premise. Microsoft SharePoint server 2019 is created on the initial release of Microsoft SharePoint 2016. This new release has been targeted to bring customers closer to the cloud and the cloud closer to our customers. Like SharePoint 2016, most of the features were hand-picked from Office 365 and implemented into SharePoint 2019.

SharePoint 2019 features

  • Modern user experience

  • Modern pages

  • Easy OneDrive sync

  • Modern lists

  • Modern libraries

  • Modern search

  • SharePoint Mobile

Other new Features

  • Modern Search experience
  • SMTP authentication while sending email from SharePoint
  • Added new SharePoint health analyzer rules
  • New PowerShell cmdlets for User Profile Sync, Content Database & SharePoint Application’s
  • Distributed Cache will now configure App-Fabric Velocity Cache to use background garbage collection.
  • Recycle Bin restore improvements – User with File Add / Update permission will also be able to restore from recycle bin
  • Supports new OneDrive/SharePoint mobile app, same mobile app supports both SharePoint online and SharePoint on-premises sites.

Choosing the Right Migration Solution

Migrating to SharePoint 2019 can improve user productivity and business agility while reducing costs and IT complexity — which adds up to a sound ROI. Royal Cyber is the hands-down expert in Microsoft platform migration and consolidation, with unmatched solutions purpose-built for SharePoint migration and management. For more information on the right strategy on moving to SharePoint 2019, you can email us at [email protected] or visit www.royalcyber.com.

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