Solve Threats Faster With ServiceNow Security Operations

Security threats today come from anywhere and anyone and it is the job of your security team to halt the attacks and prevent them from happening again. However, does your team have the right applications in place to see when critical systems are under attack?

IT Security is an issue for business services, IT infrastructure, and users. Security teams can become flooded with alerts and information regarding vulnerabilities from both known and unknown sources. On the other hand, these notifications lack information regarding its relation to the business which makes it difficult to identify what poses the greatest threat to the organization.

Through ServiceNow Security Operation, security data from your current tools and applications go into one well-thought-out response engine unified into the same platform as IT. Security Operations intends to improve responses to any possible incidents by automatically prioritizing risks to be resolved efficiently while coordinating with IT teams.

Increase efficiency of your organization’s security operation services by connecting security and IT teams allowing them to have a complete view of the organization’s security procedure to respond and remediate threats faster. The SecOps platform offers security incident response, vulnerability response, and threat intelligence built into comprehensive workflows, orchestration, and automation within a single ServiceNow platform.

Map Threats and Security Incidents with ServiceNow CMBD

Through leveraging the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMBD), the SecOps solution can chart threats and security incidents including prioritizing based on business and IT infrastructure impact, which ensures the team is aware and focused on the most critical threats.

ServiceNow Security Operation Services Features Include

  • Intelligent Workflow, orchestration, and system management tools
  • Visual service maps and dashboard analytics to measure security, monitor data trends
  • Risk assessment tools for all assets
  • Automated configuration changes, threat patching, and incident reporting

The ServiceNow Security Operations Management suite provides the tools required to stop security attacks and respond to them faster. Teams get visibility into their entire security status and reduce the time invested in manual processes. Security Operations offers a single platform for responding to incidents and vulnerabilities, and can enhance incidents with threat intelligence to further accelerate response.

Royal Cyber’s Stand-out Service

Finding the right implementation partner is crucial to properly deploy ServiceNow Security Operations Management. As our experts implement and support the complete ServiceNow suite of products, we have earned exceptional insights that we bring into every deployment of ServiceNow Security Operations. We ensure every configuration meets industry standards and satisfies exact business needs to get you back to business faster. For more information write to us at [email protected] or visit

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