Supercharge your IT Service Management (ITSM) with the Power of AI

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer

Transforming the IT service experience isn’t a one-shot sprint, it’s an ongoing ultra-marathon.

Today’s IT organizations need to not only deliver fast and personal services at scale, they also must constantly pivot to meet any challenges that arise in an always changing world. They need immediate awareness of potential hurdles, and the agility to rapidly adapt and respond to whatever is thrown their way. Powerful, smart tools and information can enable them to quickly maximize performance, efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness. They also require solutions that give teams access to complete and relevant data to solve problems and support strategic decision making. And customers and workers want solutions to help get answers to common questions without bogging down service teams.

To keep pace with transformation and make it to the finish line, IT organizations strive to activate every marginal gain to empower their teams to succeed at scale: it’s time to bring in ITSM Professional.

Elevate your service experience with ITSM Pro:

  • Digitize service delivery for greater employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Accelerate resolution of requests and incidents
  • Advance operations with analytics and forward-looking predictions


ServiceNow ITSM offers out-of-the box capabilities that enable IT organizations to provide stellar 24/7 service experiences and support business continuity even in unpredictable situations.

ITSM Professional adds six applications to the standard ServiceNow ITSM package:
  • Predictive Intelligence

  • Virtual Agent

  • Performance Analytics

  • Continual Improvement Management

  • Service Owner Workspace and Vendor Manager Workspace

These Applications Help

  • Harness AI for service excellence

  • Empower the business with insights

Harness AI for service excellence

The sheer volume of data being created today from applications and services is too much for teams to intelligently process—with speed. Artificial intelligence (AI) augments your workforces by processing repetitive tasks.

AI can handle data more efficiently than people. Greater volumes of data process faster with fewer errors—and with precise memory to recall data in a single click. It can also spot patterns in complex datasets to contribute to more informed decisions.

In the world of ITSM, these capabilities help transform the entire experience for users and service agents. It also frees up teams to focus on more complex activities.

ITSM Pro allows IT teams to quickly and easily take advantage of two key applications that utilize AI:

  • a) Predictive Intelligence

  • b) Virtual Agent

How does Predictive Intelligence work?

Predictive Intelligence uses advanced machine learning to automatically categorize, route, and assign IT tickets, as well as surface resolution recommendations for expedited service. When a user raises a ticket, the algorithm scans the description text and assigns it to the most relevant category and then alerts agents to potential resolutions based on past experience data. Values are set automatically without human intervention, which speeds up the whole process and helps reduce long ticket queues.

Predictive Intelligence can also group similar records into clusters—use this to identify patters across multiple cases, surface larger—scope critical incidents, automate certain resolutions, or just save time by addressing multiple tickets at once.

And it’s not just smart—it’s teachable. At the heart of Predictive Intelligence is a predictive model that can be trained based on past experience. If the algorithm assigns a ticket to the wrong category and this is corrected by a human, the model learns from the mistake and changes future actions.

  • 1. Ready out of the box. No data scientist needed

  • 2. Improve incident response times

  • 3. Speed incident resolution

  • 4. Lower error rates

How does Virtual Agent work?

Virtual Agents are available 24/7 and resolve common issues immediately in a NLU powered conversational experience without requiring a human agent to intervene. Launching a Virtual Agent is quick, easy, and doesn’t require a PhD in programming either. Out of the box, Virtual Agent gives users access to pre-defined conversation workflows for common requests such as ordering an item, resetting a password, and searching a knowledge base.

It’s also easy for IT teams to develop, test, and deploy their own workflows using the ServiceNow Virtual Agent designer graphical tool. Users can interact with any of these workflows via the web-based agent on Service Portal. But what really drives adoption is making the Virtual Agent available on iOS and Android, as well as collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Our custom scripting tool makes the setup super easy.

  • 1. Respond immediately to user questions and incidents

  • 2. Reduce human workload

  • 3. Improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction

At Royal Cyber we use the latest ServiceNow capabilities to provide frictionless IT service delivery for our clients and saving time and money doing it. With Agent Intelligence, we don’t waste time manually triaging and routing incidents. It’s less effort, and we respond faster to employees. In fact, we resolve 77% of our incidents on first assignment.

To get further insight on how the ITSM Professional package can elevate your service experience, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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