Predict Outcomes with Supervised Machine Learning in ServiceNow

Written by Harini Kirsh

Lead Technical Content Writer

In the era of the fast-paced work process, most of the organizations need to focus on their machine learning technologies. The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing is increasing day by day. These two technologies are the primary element of machine learning technology.

According to “The Global CIO Point of View”, approximately 9 out of 10 Chief Information Officers (CIO) adopt this machine learning technology. Around 27% of the CIOs are planning to hire skilled resources to support this initiative. Most of the premiere organizations are using supervised machine learning technology to aggravate their digital transformation.


How the Machine Learning is Improving IT Service Management

The AI-driven machine learning has the capability of solving service desk and ITSM related issues. It helps to create a faster, fully-automated service desk which is employee-friendly. It offers a plethora of brand new features that are improving overall IT productivity.

Features like 24*7 Bot- driven support for the customers, auto-reply to the customers, auto-analysis of trending topics across the globe, smart searching, auto management of ticketing system, proactively notifying the users about impactful issues have come into the practice with the help of this machine learning technology.

Royal Cyber

The definition of entire IT Service Management has got changed with the help of this machine learning technology. Gaining real-time visibility with the help of automated workflow helps to improve productivity.

At Royal Cyber, we have a team of experts who can provide you consultation related to the machine learning system. Our experts will ideate the integration and implementation of this technique to make your IT Service Management better.

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