Introduction to AEM Based Ecommerce

Digital and mobile progress have turned out to be a substantial part of the digital shopping experience and online retailers are under a compulsion to support its unique requirements. Websites, mobile apps, video, social media and other digital channels are all a part of how customers find what they want.

By way of providing a customer experience-driven eCommerce from Adobe Experience Manager, you can provide an impact on every interaction you have with customers. You will not only deliver personalized shopping experiences but also bring in dynamic web pages across the shopping sites.

Why AEM?

  • Powerful

  • Simplified design

  • Compatible

Streamline Content Delivery

Adobe Experience Manager lets you create and deliver eCommerce pages with drag-and-drop options, wherein you can right away access unstructured and structured product data. You also have the facility to change pages as needed to deliver a personal and appropriate experience to every customer.

Optimizing the Content with AEM

One location
Effortlessly organize campaigns and publish content across email, web, mobile and other social channels using one authoring platform.

Tailored for mobile
Provide both native mobile apps and mobile web experiences for tablets and smartphones.

Automated personalization
Optimize and adapt content to fit each screen and use native capabilities, like automated device detection and geolocation.

Data-driven simulation
Use customer identities, data to preview and simulate the customer experience for individuals.

Adobe Experience Manager is at the cutting-edge of content management system technology. AEM should, therefore, be considered by any organization whose digital aspirations are high which requires a pace of progress is ambitiously fast.

As a certified Adobe solution partner, Royal Cyber delivers scalable, cost-effective AEM resources and solutions with the ability to further extend the functionality that will push your digital potential even further. Our proven ability in Magento along with AEM provides the foundation for Experience-Driven Commerce initiatives which can offer a best-of-breed unified and personalized shopping experience across all channels.

An eCommerce solution at a global scale

Adobe Experience Manager is built to power over-all online businesses. Royal Cyber with AEM experts will provide extremely tailored experiences and easily manage multilingual and multinational sites to deliver unique experiences maintaining global standards.

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