How You Can Return to Work Safely? Royal Cyber Post COVID Solution

Written by Shamshad Azam

Manager - Business Analyst at Royal Cyber

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted businesses, individuals, communities worldwide, and we are looking forward to when we can return to our old routines. We are being challenged with making our way through a number of stages, but then again, corporate offices, governments, factories, and other establishments will eventually get back to where they were before. It was a big pause for everything.

COVID-19 has been hard-hitting on businesses, and you perhaps had to close the doors without planning. But now, as you evolve to the phase of reopening, planning will be crucial for success. It is time to reevaluate and recreate new strategies that allow you to adapt to a post-COVID-19 world successfully.

Weeks after keeping the shutters down, establishments are coming out of an extended nationwide lockdown to reboot operations in offices in a staged manner. As restrictions begin to relax and pressure to resume work ramps up, few IT companies have already opened their offices for critical functions.

Though the risk of contamination still remains high in several locations, a practical and necessary approach would be to prepare a detailed standard operating procedure (SOP) to mitigate this risk and protect employees. You cannot open until you have the right measures in place to protect employees and customers.

The HR team plays a critical role to play when it comes to defining new ways of working and developing necessary policies and procedures going forward—having employee safety as the priority.

Can a calibrated technological involvement ease some of the core changes required to reset workplaces in a post-COVID-19 world?

Yes, the Royal Cyber team has come up with a Post COVID Safe Operating Solution. Curious?

Here Is How the Solution Works?

Royal Cyber’s Post COVID Solution is to simplify the connection of people, locations, and things to create meaningful insights, and safer workplaces. Every employee has to follow the social distancing protocol and is scanned for body temperature with a contactless thermometer and the face recognition technology. The employee is allowed to enter the office only if the employee is in the green zone, that is if the temperature is normal. If the employee has traces of fever, the HR and his teammates are intimated with an alert email that the employee will be on a quarantine leave for 14 days.

All employees will have contact tracing app on their mobile phone to track with whom they met in the past; the tracker will have the records which will be screened by the HR team.

This app can help corporations, governments, and healthcare authorities globally to monitor, detect, prevent, and predict the spread of this invisible threat to ensure the health and emotional well-being of tenants, employees, and visitors.

Royal Cyber is proud to release this comprehensive solution for getting everybody on business safely to the new normal. We look forward to connecting with you to learn more about how we can help. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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