Get ready to experience Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.4)

The industry’s front runner with experience in creation and management solution is receiving an upgrade and we think through of how you and your customers are going to love it! Check out the amazing new capabilities on their way!

Why AEM 6.4?

  • Proven business-critical cloud performance, cloud scale and security.
  • Quicker deployment of websites and customizations.
  • New or enhanced integrations with Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Adobe Sensei brings AI to content discovery, creation and performance.

Take a look at what has improved

Cloud Manager for Experience Manager New self-service interface for IT to truly take advantage of Adobe Experience Manager in the cloud.

Experience Manager- Sites

  • Improved production-ready Core Components
  • Style System for web components
  • Content Services
  • Smart Layout
  • Single-Page Application (SPA) Editor
  • Fluid personalization with Adobe Target
  • Extended translation capabilities
  • Enhanced Adobe Campaign integration
  • Community management enhancements

Experience Manager- Assets

  • Access digital assets from AEM natively within the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Smart Tags — enhanced for business-specific auto-tagging
  • Search — intelligent multilingual search
  • Metadata management — more powerful metadata ingestion, rules, and governance
  • Enhanced user experience — refined user interface for improved productivity
  • Brand Portal — additional features to effortlessly search, find and share appropriate assets
  • Smart Crop & Imaging — automated image crop and processing
  • Experience Fragments and Hotspots — easy and optimized channel interactivity
  • Emerging media — 3D, VR, panoramic media management and viewers

Experience Manager Forms

As part of AEM Forms track, Adobe has brought together a new feature called Data integration which serves two purposes:

  1. Connect your backend systems- configurations available are mySQL, SQL Server, Rest and Soap Services and Microsoft Dynamics Connector (available in package share).
  2. Create data models for forms to help you pre-fill the information, you can also control the data models to test and sample forms.

Automated form conversion. AEM Forms 6.4 lets smart conversion of PDF to adaptive forms by leveraging Sensei.  This includes integration of backend data stores via form data model and enables batch conversion of existing forms.

  • Multi-channel Interactive Communications
  • Prefill Interactive Communications from business applications
  • Workflow modernization and mobile worker support
  • Lazy loading fragments
  • Single-hop upgrade from LiveCycle to Experience Manager Forms 6.4

Experience Manager Livefyre

  • Integration with Experience Manager Assets
  • Increase conversion and revenue with UGC Commerce
  • Bring UGC into your physical environment with screens
  • Integrate UGC into more number channels with Experience Fragments

Let Us Help You Leverage AEM

Using a Cloud-based architecture and built-in workflows, Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 folds the critical functions of digital marketing into a single platform and shifts content management from channel-driven to journey-driven.

This newest version of Adobe Experience Manager sets machine learning, re-invents on how you work together with your customers at every touch point that includes marketing, sales, and customer service. Services are offered for full-scale implementations and migration from on-premise to Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services.

Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 gives you a matchless advantage over the competition, one experience at a time. For more info about Royal Cyber’s AEM services, reach out to us at [email protected] or visit

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