Adobe Experience Manager – Single Platform for Content and Digital Asset Management

Written by Rajini Nallathambi

BPM/RPA Practice Head at Royal Cyber

When it comes to creating a website, it can be very tricky to create one that would meet the demands of the customer, a website that includes optimized content to fascinate and retain them.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive content management solution for constructing applications and websites, including mobile applications, online communities, and paperless forms. Everything a customer needs for successful marketing (web, mobile, email, print, social, and community) is supported by this single platform.

What Makes it So Successful?

Adobe Experience Manager is a client-server system for constructing, organizing and deploying commercial websites and associated services. It combines a number of application-level and infrastructure-level functions into a single package.

Cloud Services

In order to digitally transform the customer experience, we require a platform that is scalable, lively, and approachable. AEM provides cloud-native services, providing the support to create, test, and release new applications, rapidly. Now you don’t need to worry about AEM version updates, maintaining, or managing it as it auto-scales with the latest Experience Management revolutions. And so, you can focus more on creating better website experience for the customers. It reduces the downtime for planned updates as AEM need not go offline. Protection is achieved automatically because all the assets and content are private and protected, all the standards are followed to keep it safe.

 Integration with Adobe Products

AEM has the capacity to integrate with other Adobe Experience Cloud products such as Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Analytics. It supports Adobe Creative Cloud products integration that allows creative to directly upload any type of assets into Digital Asset Management (DAM), including images from Photoshop.

Multi-Site Manager

AEM is perfect for managing a collection of sites in a manner that ensures all the sites can be updated simultaneously and the content on each site can still be tailored to the demands of the intended users, individually.

Live Copy/Translation Tools

AEM has tools available to support the automation of translating user-generated content, web pages, and assets to maintain multi-lingual versions of website.

Also, the live copies of the website are connected with the source content, and so, the changes that are made in the source content are immediately reflected on the live copies. And, if needed, the source can be disconnected from the live copies.

Data Management

AEM assists in building a well-organized, structured website, allowing to create the hierarchy of the website with pages in the correct location from the start of the project. AEM provides preset page templates, thus enabling to create a template of choice for particular types of pages (product page, landing page, forms, etc.), which can be reused. Access control rights are defined for all users. And so, only privileged users with particular rights can create, modify, or publish the pages.

To avoid the violation and achieve transparency, admin can track the users creating, modifying, and publishing the pages.

Asset Reporting

Asset reporting is an important tool for AEM Assets deployment. Using AEM Assets, many types of reports are generated to represent digital assets. These reports deliver useful information about a user’s system usage, interactions with assets, and downloaded and shared assets. These reports can be generated and customized according to the user's needs by AEM Administrators.

Each unit of AEM is a robust individual element having its distinctive tools. It provides quick and smart time-to-market resolutions and smoother shifts. To implement this amazing technology that assists in managing single or multiple websites, a decent amount of technical knowledge is required. With its team of professionals, Royal Cyber helps to implement Adobe Experience Manager with full-scale consulting and development. Royal Cyber experts support Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment and DevOps consultation.

Our data migration experts will migrate your digital assets and content to AEM, with complete care of online or offline on-premises-to-cloud migration. Certified AEM team from Royal Cyber has a pro-active maintenance approach in code optimization, version upgrades, and troubleshooting, and it provides 24/7 global support. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about what’s new in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4? For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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