Mule 4 Migration – What Do You Need to Know Before You Start?

Written by Harini Krish

Lead Technical Content Writer
Integration has become an essential ingredient in the success of any organization, as it increases the sprawl of applications, infrastructure and the partner ecosystem. Businesses with the proper integration strategies have raised the bar with lower operational costs, faster project delivery and smart revenue streams. They are quickly leaving more traditional players far behind. An integration strategy allows organizations to connect in the right way, overcome obstructions and drive tangible business value. By quickly connecting new information and operationalizing it across the entire enterprise, organizations can increase productivity, ensure tighter security, and help the organization stay competitive in their industry

Migration Considerations

MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform provides a powerful technology platform that provides enterprises with robust API implementation solutions and strategies. Between its last major release, 3.0, in 2010 and its current state, MuleSoft has advanced a lot, from being just an Integration/ API platform to assist in legacy modernization, implementing secure SaaS integrations, and providing full API lifecycle management. MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform allows organizations to implement, integrate, connect and build its enterprise solutions in new ways. The next-gen Mule 4 platform offers a broad range of new and improved features intended to enhance the platform's capabilities along with developer experience. In this blog, we try to address the benefits, challenges and best practices for organizations looking to migrate from 3 to Mule 4.
  • Extended Support - No new applications can be created on this version. Existing applications on the version continue to run and can be updated or restarted. It will be possible until the End of Life (EOL) or End of Extended Support for that version.
  • End Of Life Support - The current version is removed from CloudHub. Existing applications will continue to run, but they will fail to restart once they are stopped. Updates will be blocked.
  • Beyond End-of-Life Support - Applications on this version will be stopped and removed from the platform.

Why Migrate?

Running applications and data on unsupported versions can slow down the pace of innovation and delivery for your business. Whilst the ramifications of ignoring the end of support may seem less daunting than migrating. It is a great opportunity to transform your applications and infrastructure, take advantage of the features and improvements introduced in the latest versions of Mule, and benefit from:
  • Reduced complexity

  • Improved efficiency

  • Optimized cost

  • Continued support

  • Faster delivery

  • Minimized business impact

  • Accelerated speed-to-value

3.8 November 16th, 2018 November 16th, 2021
3.9 March 20th, 2021 March 20th, 2024

Digital Transformation - Easier, Discoverable, Manageable and Secured

At Royal Cyber, we provide a proven migration process based on successful implementations and numerous platform migrations and data integrations. Our Mule 4 specific experience enables you to accelerate speed to value with guided best practices and automation for planning and implementation.

Royal Cyber Unified Migration Approach

Discovery Migration QA Live
Assessment Platform Setup Functional Testing 24/7 Support
Code Analysis Automated Migration Performance Testing
Manual Migration Regression Testing
Migration Strategy

When to Use Mule 4

  • You want to take advantages of key Mule 4 capabilities.

  • The Mule version you are using reaches the end of support life.

  • You need to make a significant update to the existing application.

  • Starting a new project, it is recommended to use Mule 4 as it has many easy-to-use tools and features.

  • You decide to have one version for all the apps.

Features in Mule 4

Internal Architecture of Mule 3 and Mule 4 are different. Mule 3 uses SEDA Queues, while Mule 4 is built on Reactive programming and Project Reactor.
  • DataWeave 2.0

  • Simplified message

  • Enriched error handling mechanisms

  • Test recorder

  • Classloader isolation

  • Streaming

Here is some more information about our Mule 4 Accelerator:

  • Up to 90% migration automation from 3 to Mule 4.
  • Company name guarantees all work providing 100% continued support throughout the project, validating everything works in production.
  • Most customers realize more than a 60% project cost savings when compared to completely rewriting the assets.
  • For applications not automatically migrated by our tool, our certified team provides a fixed cost to complete the migration process with no obligation before the project begins.

Final Thoughts

Royal Cyber has specialized in designing, developing, and implementing the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. We have implemented MuleSoft for several customers globally. We help enterprises establish C4E and Governance to accelerate ROI on the Mule platform. We provide Best Practices and Reusable frameworks (i.e., logging, auditing, exception handling, CI/CD, Security) that help consistently build APIs while reducing costs and accelerating delivery.

For most MuleSoft customers, migrating to Mule 4 requires a complete rewrite. If you are running unsupported code in production and looking to migrate from 3 to Mule 4, reach out to our Royal Cyber experts. Our Mule 4 Accelerator is the most efficient and cost-effective way for customers to move to Mule 4, and it can convert automatically up to 90% of your Mule 3 applications!

As a MuleSoft solution specialist, we can help you take advantage of Mule 4 faster, with less effort, cost, and risk. Our Mule 4 Migration Accelerator is the first Mule 4 migration utility and the only one that provides an end-to-end process and enterprise-level support. Designed by certified MuleSoft Architects, it embraces the API-led approach, a cornerstone of the MuleSoft platform.

Royal Cyber has expertise on this migration process to help you Migrate to Mule 4 past Mule 3, enabling your team to develop code faster and take advantage of performance optimization built in the platform. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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