An Ideal Partner to Successfully Drive Sterling Upgrade

Written by Teeyah Seetharam

Consultant - Digital Marketing

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator is moving to an upgraded version!

Why? As a centralized integration platform, the latest version of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator will help companies integrate all their complex B2B and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes across partner communities in a single gateway. It will enhance productivity and visibility as companies drive communication with their partners, suppliers, and customers.

Moving to this upgrade can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. This is where Royal Cyber steps in and takes onus of your business and the processes that help it run smoothly.

With 20+ years of experience in the industry, we are widely known for our robust and adaptable digital solutions. Thousands of great customer testimonials will tell you that Royal Cyber understands what it takes for companies to imagine, execute, and accelerate their digital transformation journey. The team at Royal Cyber has been doing this with a range of well-rounded digital solutions, going the extra mile to ensure that we create exceptional business value for all our clients.

We wanted to migrate the entire Sterling B2B and its other backend application hosting from on-premises to Amazon cloud and upgrade Sterling B2B version from to Sterling Integrator (SI) 6.0. Royal Cyber helped us with SI setups in Amazon cloud and S3-bucket integration and enabled the global mailbox setup. They also migrated our SI components to the latest version and tested with their end partner from the new infrastructure along with building a portal to automate our partner onboarding process.

Capital One

Royal Cyber + IBM

Royal Cyber and IBM are not just partners but collaborators. In fact it is interesting to note that Royal Cyber has a full range of IT consulting services that cater to specific IBM technologies. We collaborate with IBM IT specialists and architects to solve complex problems. We continually assess and match all our offerings with IBM’s standards, that is, we keep it fast and implementable to keep your business running.

What is the New Upgrade?

It delivers on heightened visibility and functions, enabling a more flexible and secure space that supports data transformation.

The Benefits of this Upgrade

While there are a spectrum of reasons why the upgraded IBM Sterling B2B Integrator works, here are a few that stand out.

  • 360 degree life cycle tracking with complete visibility

  • Reduced ongoing costs and improved ROI of B2B operations

  • Improved speed and reliability of B2B processes

  • Centralized visibility and control of documents and processes, ensuring compliance and reducing risk in high-risk environments

  • Certified container support

It is designed to help you keep up with your evolving business and partner requirements, and improves relationships with all stakeholders.

For this purpose, Royal Cyber with its B2B Framework is working with clients, old and new, to navigate the IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator upgrade.

What can Royal Cyber do for you?

  • Upgrade & Migration Services – We take care of the smooth transition of services across various platforms including the cloud.
  • EDI & B2B Managed Services – Having trusted Royal Cyber’s experience to carry through EDI and B2B integration activities, it is easy to focus on the growth of your business.
  • Implementation Services – Royal Cyber works across all segments to provide B2B integration solutions and implementation services.
  • Current and ongoing B2B Integration Support – Royal Cyber believes in continuous support to make sure systems are always running optimally for your business.
  • Partner Onboarding / Business Process Development – Royal Cyber steps in to leverage partner onboarding, accommodating partner requirements, and providing support whenever required.
  • Performance Upgrades – The B2B integration systems are constantly assessed for their performance and upgrade services thereby helping resolve basic issues, and bringing in better upgrades as and when the need arises.

With a multitude of factors affecting business decisions in a highly volatile environment, it is no doubt that you are always on the look-out for people and partners you can trust to work in tandem with processes that build the business.

Royal Cyber has been the trusted partner for many companies that are looking for non-exuberant, smoothly transitioning, timely services.

To leave you with a taste of what it would be like here’s the case of an American bank with a focus on technology. The bank had an on-premise Sterling B2B system along with its other backend applications. The old system was cumbersome to navigate, and manual onboarding made the processes sluggish. The bank collaborated with Royal Cyber to implement a state-of-the-art solution. Royal Cyber’s approach was to migrate their SI components to the latest version of Sterling B2B and test the new infrastructure. They also went one step ahead and created a portal to automate its partner onboarding process. The solution had far-reaching results for the client including increased efficiency, reduced costs and greater flexibility to meet demand as required.

Royal Cyber understands Sterling B2B Integrator and has in depth expertise upgrading and migrating various configurations of Sterling B2B Integrator. We will make sure that the upgrade will be smooth and your cash flow uninterrupted. Email us for a free consultation and let us identify a bespoke approach to thoroughly, quickly, and economically migrate or upgrade your existing system.

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