Get Your Apps Work Together With IBM App Connect

IBM App Connect Designer (on cloud) service allows users to effortlessly create guided app-to-app connectivity.

Using IBM App Connect, you can connect your applications in minutes, whether they are on the cloud or a private network without any coding. You can simply use App Connect Designer on IBM Cloud to connect apps like Marketo, Salesforce, and SAP, so when an event occurs in one app, or a request is made to an API, the other connected apps will get updated spontaneously.

IBM App Connect simply connects applications and data across all of your environments. By supporting a range of integration style like:

  • Traditional SOA to modern event driven

  • API

  • Micro services-based

We can expose internal applications, like IBM Integration Bus message flows, as custom apps in App Connect Designer, with the same look-and-feel, like other apps.

Integrate data with IBM App Connect

App Connect empowers you to securely connect all your endpoints, from databases to packaged apps, and to transform the data to build flows that deliver the data where you need it. With support for several types of data transfer including batch and real-time synchronization, you control the schedule of what data moves when.

Connect any endpoint

Easily map your data whenever you need it

Build APIs with IBM App Connect

  • Transform, access, and combine data across all enterprise applications, databases, and systems to expose your data assets as APIs.
  • IBM App Connect copes the difficulty of accessing systems, mapping and transforming the data as required, combining to form a consumable API.
  • Build API-driven flows
  • Expose development ready APIs

Act on events with IBM App Connect

  • App Connect allows you to utilize smart connectors to capture events from your systems designed on event-driven architectures.
  • Recognize when events occur in source applications to immediately trigger the right business action.
  • Build event-based flows
  • React in real-time

Features: Smart connector


  • You can integrate applications with inbuilt drag and drop nodes in no time
  • Working with Web Services/ WSDL is very easy.
  • Integration tooling to match diverse skill sets of users from a line-of-business professional to an integration specialist
  • Simplify integration and reduce the need for specific skills
  • A rich library of pre-built connectors to many on-premise and SaaS applications
  • Integrate mobile, cloud and on-premises applications in less time
  • A simple, event-trigger-based integration experience for SaaS power users and business users

App Connect other versions available

  • IBM App Connect Enterprise

  • IBM App Connect Professional

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