Manage B2B EDI Transactions using Dell Boomi Platform

Written by Ali Akthar

Technical Account Manager

Technology has evolved over time. With the use of cloud-managed applications and ever-increasing demand for the customer ecosystem, businesses have moved from siloed applications to connected business applications. In turn, this raised a lot of challenges for the internal IT teams to do complex integrations with multiple data sources, different file formats, providing support and security while maintaining the industry standards.

In general, the EDI standard has been in the market for many years. Still, many legacy solutions are cloud-ready; because of their architecture, they cannot scale and meet current business requirements.

Additionally, many legacies, on-premises EDI solutions are complicated, hard to maintain, and need experts for integrating with ERP or other partner management systems.

Dell Boomi provides a complex trading partner ecosystem that demands organizations to be prepared for the total volume of EDI transactions, and just as importantly, seamlessly integrate EDI documents into CRM, ERP, SCM applications and data warehouses. AtomSphere, a Dell Boomi cloud-managed EDI / B2B integration platform, allows organizations to manage a trading partner network of any size using a secure and scalable integration platform. From manufacturing to distribution/ warehousing/ transportation service to retail, AtomSphere can help you build, deploy, and manage both conventional EDI as well as newer web services completely on the cloud.

Dell Boomi Integration platform as a service is a comprehensive B2B gateway that offers partner management, out-of-the-box EDI document support, and translation. This enables the organizations to take incoming trading partner business documents, easily integrate them into ERP, CRM, ERP, SCM application of your preference and then create EDI documents for confirmation to trading partners.

Some of the key benefits include

  • A unified experience and seamless connectivity to accomplish your cloud and on-premises strategy - SCM, CRM, ERP apps can reside on-premises, public clouds, or both, and Dell Boomi can exchange EDI transactions easily.

  • Superior onboarding experience, an effective partner management, and the ability to scale to hundreds of trading partners through a cloud based B2B gateway and extensive EDI document and protocol support.

  • EDI data mapping, transform any combination XML flat file, database data, and EDI with native support ASC X12 EDI data transformation.

  • It has industry-standard connectivity options, including all major file transfer protocols and real-time connectivity with trading partners.

  • Highly scalable and easily support a high volume of EDI and B2B transactions.

  • The implementation time is faster, and productivity is high.

  • EDI Get Transaction: With inbound EDI transactions, the platform automatically converts them into JSON. Dell Boomi will read the PO from the gateway and use it in the ERP system. For instance, when a seller receives a PO from a buyer, they will retrieve the documents and log them into their system of record.
  • EDI Create Transaction: The Dell Boomi process allows you to create an EDI document from a triggered input within an ERP system. For example, after the Purchase Order (PO) is filled in their system of record, an invoice is ready to be created and dispatched. The invoice is read from ERP and then sent to a gateway and to the trading partner to complete the document creation flow.

Security Features in Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi ensures that all communication between trading partners and the organization should adhere to the industry standard practices in security. The security features include:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)

  • MD5 and SHA1 cryptographic hash functions

  • PGP Key Exchange

  • Encryption, RSA

Different Communication Formats and the use in Dell Boomi

  • AS2 — provides digitally-signed electronic receipts through MDNs (Message Disposition Notifications).

  • MLLP — provides a minimalist transport protocol. When security is an issue, additional technologies are often layered on top.

  • Disk — identifies the connection directory to get and send files.

  • HTTP — enables an exchange of data with HTTP-enabled servers.

  • FTP — relies on SSL/TLS encryption; however, SSL version 3.0 is disabled in supported browsers.

  • SFTP — relies on the SSH protocol for secure remote logins.

Challenge Faced by the Customer & How Royal Cyber Solved It

One of the Leading Computer Manufacturers in the US was facing the challenge of running multiple disparate systems and manual file work for order processing. There was no mechanism for them to do electronic data integration and perform business intelligence activities such as order review, inventory details, new orders placed, etc. Royal Cyber proposed and implemented the EDI-based IPaas Solution along with Monitor pro (a product that offers end-to-end supply chain visibility and analytics).

Modernize Your B2B Network with Royal Cyber

Dell Boomi EDI is an excellent solution for innovative businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve. Through Royal Cyber’s Dell Boomi partnership, we will be able to realize the modernization opportunities in real-time to help your company standardize and grow your bottom line. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit You can also Book Time with a Boomi Expert!

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