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Written by Shamshad Azam

Manager - Business Analyst at Royal Cyber

Did you know that, usually, buyers will abandon your site after just two unsuccessful searches? If customers can't find it, they can't buy it.

Are You Able to Bring Customers from Search to Cart?

Nowadays, customers can easily adapt to the change in communications trends. The question here is, your e-commerce site also adapting the trending language or slang at the same pace? Customers are no more interested in how many products you have in your system; all they need is to complete their purchase journey successfully. This can be achieved with ease if you provide customers user friendly and intuitive online shopping experience.

“ To complete the purchase finding the right product in no time is the key ”


The real challenge is to keep our platforms up to that pace with changing trends. Days are gone when a customer will come and browse the catalog and find the product which they want to purchase. All they need is everything within few clicks. Those few clicks include the first step they land on your e-commerce site and start their search. Remember, if the site is not able to understand what customers were looking for, then we may lose that valuable customer.

“ Number of search results are not important, Valuable search result is the bottom line for a happy customer ”

Optimizing E-Commerce Search Experience and Conversion

To understand customer needs, e-commerce sites are being built with all-new, enhanced features. All features are not worth if the key feature, which is search is not working as expected. Most of the e-commerce sites are failing to meet the best in class search results. As a Royal Cyber enhanced search solution, we understand every search and deliver exactly what customers want. And by making the online shopping experience more personal, even first-time visitors become loyal customers.

Let’s say a customer on your site is looking for clothes for winter. Remember, this customer is not only searching but is also interested to learn what is out there. Showing them all the jackets is not the key. Show them what kind of products we have in our store to keep them warm is which is going to make a happy customer.

On the other hand, some customer knows what they want, let’s say customer searched for wireless Bluetooth speakers under $200. Showing them any other type of accessories is not a win, showing them the Bluetooth speakers, which are wireless, and all under $200 is the real win.

How does Royal Cyber Search Solution work?

  • Our search AI solution integrates with the leading e-commerce platforms and search engines, letting you add a layer of deep understanding while keeping your existing business rules intact. And we know how hard it is to build and maintain great search.
  • AI is used at its best in our search solution to provide a personalized experience for your customers by providing them tailored content on site.
  • Our search AI solution also predicts the most relevant results based on the customer data history or semantic context.
  • Our Search AI solution understands the natural customer languages search and even processes the complex queries to show the relevant results.
  • Detect & distinguish products from their attributes.
  • This robust search solution work for not only current requirements but also this solution keeps on learning and enhancing the abilities as it grows.

Feature Highlights

  • Our solution is purely plug and play
  • It is scalable
  • Improved search quality of 20% to 55%
  • Increased customer satisfaction results (Net Promoter Scores)
  • 50% failed query reduction
  • Substantive increase in conversion rates and revenue
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud, Salesforce, Magento, HCL Commerce and more

Our Search Solution Features

Long-Tail Keyword Search: To understand customer search text is to understand not only the words but the concepts and how they are linked together to create a meaning and automatically provide relevant results. For example, if the user searching with “show me UVA protected glasses under 200$”, our NLP search will display the UVA protected sunglass less than $200.

Automatic Insights: Derive meanings from an unstructured text by automatically identifying different product attributes, color, category, and other parameters.

Self-Learning Search Engine: Automatically improvise machine learning models from user interaction and search text.

Learning to Rank for Keyword Searches: NLP Search will learn from the user behaviors, query insights, and rank the products over the whole catalog without any auto-filtering, and the results rely upon their relevance score.

Spellcheck & Autocomplete: More advance features for spell correction and autosuggestion can be achieved through training machine learning models which will help the user to get the relevant results.

Negation Recognition: Users can search a product by excluding any category or product feature and get the exact relevant results. For instance, the user wants to search for “show me the XL size red shirt, not half-sleeves.”

Unit of Measure Conversion: Automatically converts units of measure for accurate search results. For instance, a search for “20-quart paint pail” will also return results 5-gallon paint buckets, converting quarts to gallons behind the scenes and identifying the relevant match.

Contextual Filtering for Easier Prioritization of Products: Give the user control over their search experience, letting them adjust various attributes like price range, size, brand, and so on, to narrow down their ideal result. For example, when the user searches for a gaming laptop, filters are contextual to this specific search query, when a user searches for a fridge, filters now are different, again based on this specific search query.

Use Case

Let’s take you to the enhanced search world with a simple example

Searching for Gucci glasses under 200 dollars without Enhanced search Solution.

Searching for Gucci glasses under 200 dollars with Royal Cyber Enhanced Search Solutions

Royal Cyber offers Frictionless Search Experience that Converts

Help your clients find what they are looking for by leveraging our expertise in creating relevant search results. To learn about how we can help improve search performance on your e-commerce platform, you can write to us at [email protected] or visit

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