Manage your Business Operation with Assisted Setup in Business Central

Written by Praveen Kumar

Microsoft Business Applications Practice Manager at Royal Cyber

A Single Page to Get Ready for Managing Business Operations

In this Technology era, one of the most prime contributors in helping Organizations to achieve their goals is Information Technology Services. There are a lot of Software applications involved every day to solve complex business challenges.

It has been widely accepted that the ERP Application makes unavoidable software application to handle any operational challenges faced by an organization. The well planned and executed ERP implementation creates an efficient IT ecosystem.

The exploration of the right ERP application is required to have an ecosystem with stability, sustainability, and reliability, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central meets all above expectations.

Royal Cyber with its long IT journey comes up with several services offerings in line with Business Central as follows.

Mostly, in all ERP systems, it wasn't easy to set up certain modules and features which often required highly skilled Technical and Functional resources to complete the tasks. In addition to that, Data Migration is one of the most complex processes in the ERP System for all Organizations. But Microsoft introduced the concept of Assisted Setup in Business Central.

The main objective of Microsoft is to make the setup of a new company straightforward by listing all the required setups on a Single Page called Assisted Setup.

Some of the Major Capabilities of Assisted Setup:

  • Set up your Company

  • Set up Reporting data

  • Migrate Business data

  • Set up Cloud Migration

  • Set up Sales connection

  • Set up Approval Workflows

  • Set up common Data Service connection

The Data Migration process can be easily achieved by the Assisted Setup. You can improve the efficiency of your ERP system with its robust automated tasks and workflows.

Our Business Central experts can help you get an end-to-end view of your business, with built-in Business intelligence when and where you need it. Easily fit and extend the application to meet your unique business or industry-specific needs.

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