An End to End ERP Solution for Academic Institutions

Written by Raghul Prasath

Trainee at Royal Cyber

As a Technology Enthusiast, I would like to share my thoughts on Information Technology Services, which brings the immeasurable value to all types of Industries in the Market to make a world a better place.

It is a known fact that Academic Institutions are the special placeholders by providing their learning and development, which contributes to the economic growth of the society.

They are the prime contributors in raising people's Productivity and Creativity, promoting Entrepreneurship and Technological Advancements for human welfare.

Operational Challenges faced in Institutional Development

  • Most of the Educational Institutions are operating manually in Student Enrollments, Staff Payrolls, Fee Payments, Budget Allocations in terms of Financial and Accounting Management.
  • The need for efficient Financial Management arises due to Resources Scarcity, Inadequacy of Funds and limited sources of revenue.
  • Often the dearth of funds is the major constrain in the development of all the Institutions.
  • Hence every Educational Institute must opt for efficient and systematic Financial Management.

Recommendations for Complete Ecosystem

  • Educational Institutions should have a core Resource Planning where they can manage their entire Information and Operations in a single platform.
  • Automating the Institution's Business Processes and Centralizing the Data will increase the chances of Transparency and Flexibility.
  • Educational Institutions with a specialized administration ERP solution will have better Management and Decision-making capabilities.

Is it necessary that Institutions with quality standards must grow, which requires enough and adequate funds to meet infrastructure and other development activities?

Yes, Here comes the need for an ERP Application, which plays a vital role in Setting up a well-equipped Ecosystem to make as a Successful Academic Institution.

Choosing the right ERP Application should be based on the terms of Application Sustainability & Updations in the Market, a large Customer base, reliable for all sized Industries.

Interesting Facts about Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP)

With all the capabilities as mentioned above, I have found a perfect ERP Application for my readers, which is none other than Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP).

As an author, I am very excited to share that Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) has launched its initial release in 2003 and is remaining in the Market for few decades, which means that it is not getting older or outdated.

Currently, GP follows the Modern Lifecycle Policy, which clearly shows that it will remain in the Market forever.


By narrating all these success metrics, I have concluded by saying that, Insert your content here” GP IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE”.

How Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) fit your Industry?

  • Dynamics GP is a proven and mature solution for the Academic Institutions, which has a large number of users where there will be complex Financial Operations, and Accounting needs to be addressed.
  • We will be acting as a Technology Partner with the Educational Institution and provide a dedicated consultant as the Institution’s Dynamics GP-Application Manager.
  • We will manage and maintain the financial ledgers and sub-ledgers of the students and staff of the Institution by collaborating with their Finance team.
  • The Financial and Accounting management of student fees and staff’s salary payrolls can be achieved by our solution.
  • We will identify and prioritize the key accounting process improvements that would have the greatest impact on the financial goals of the Institution.
  • The repetitive manual tasks can be reduced by our automation process, which results in improving Data Accuracy and overall Operational Management.
  • By using our Online Timesheet integration with Dynamics GP, employees can clock in and out online to provide more accurate payroll data.
  • A financial dashboard system will be incorporated into the Institution Financial Management as part of the Performance Management System to view all the data without much efforts.
  • Data Security and Data management can be achieved easily with our GP solutions for the proceeding of higher education for the students without any data loss.

There are many Educational Institutions are pushed to migrate from GP to some other newly arrived ERP Applications, this is because of high limitation in the availability of Technical Experts and Subject Matter Experts to support.

We are always passionate and expertise in providing our seamless support to our customers without affecting their existing environment.

Our Dynamics Experts are Multiple Role/Technology Experts, and they always play the dual role, one role as Engineer and another role as Business Leader with deep Subject Matter Expertise on behalf of our Customers. They always love to bring Business Values to our Customers for spending each penny.

Fascinating !? then why don’t you checkout what we can do for you?

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